InterSystems Announces Availability of InterSystems IRIS on AWS Quick Start


InterSystems, an innovative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical information challenges, has announced the availability of InterSystems IRIS® data platform on AWS Quick Start to rapidly deploy highly available production environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Based on both AWS and InterSystems best practices for security and high availability, InterSystems IRIS Quick Start templates are designed to provide a reliable and repeatable automated reference deployment, simplifying the production of mission-critical IRIS environments.

These accelerators reduce hundreds of manual procedures into just a few steps, so customers can quickly and cost-effectively install InterSystems IRIS in their own AWS account within minutes, achieving faster time to insights and value.

“The availability of AWS Quick Start for InterSystems IRIS offers customers an optimised and preconfigured implementation of the data platform, deploying highly available, secure environments almost immediately,” said Scott Gnau, vice president of data platforms at InterSystems. “With the provision of AWS Quick Start for InterSystems IRIS accelerating time to value, they can focus on leveraging the insights provided, both of which are vital in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

As part of this latest offering, those deploying InterSystems IRIS via Quick Start will receive a guide that discusses the architecture and step-by-step instructions for deployment.

As a complete, cloud-first data platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to integrate multiple technologies, resulting in less code, fewer system resources, less maintenance, and higher ROI.

About InterSystems

Established in 1978, InterSystems provides innovative data solutions for organisations with critical information needs in the healthcare, finance, and logistics sectors and beyond. Our cloud-first data platforms solve interoperability, speed and scalability problems for organisations around the globe. InterSystems also develops and supports data management in hospitals through the world’s most proven electronic medical record, as well as unified care records for health systems and governments through a powerful suite of healthcare data integration solutions. The company is committed to excellence through its award-winning, 24×7 support for customers and partners in more than 80 countries. Privately held and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has 25 offices worldwide.