InterSystems Launches TrakCare 2021 as a Foundation for Virtual Care Innovation


 InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability and speed problems, has announced the availability of the latest version of its TrakCare® Unified Healthcare Information System, T2021.

This version of TrakCare includes new features inspired by the rapid response of healthcare organisations around the world to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest TrakCare update responds to the increasing demand for telehealth and virtual care with the introduction of integration with InterSystems HealthShare® Personal Community, a comprehensive, cross-EMR patient portal. This integration enables new features including outpatient bookings and the synchronisation of third-party app data integrated into patient records. The tool is also configurable, enabling further innovation in remote monitoring and patient engagement for TrakCare users around the world.

T2021 also boasts new capabilities including strengthened controls for medication, data and identity management. What’s more, the company has developed a new and more agile approach to software updates that helps healthcare professionals and patients benefit from the latest functionalities.

“Patients can book appointments and see their care provider from the comfort of their own home, while clinicians can use apps of their choice, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or WeChat, while still using their normal consultation workflows and maintaining access to clinical records,” said Dimitri Fane, director of product management, InterSystems. “The innovation put into T2021 represents the InterSystems commitment to providing powerful, innovative and easy-to-use tools into the hands of clinicians wherever they provide care in the new era of healthcare.”

TrakCare T2021 also takes advantage of the HL7® FHIR® repository capabilities of InterSystems IRIS for Health™, enabling secure and standards-based interoperability capabilities to enhance patient data sharing and support SMART on FHIR apps.

T2021 further enhances the clinician user experience with improved graphing functionality in Encounter Record, which provides a unified workspace for clinicians to compare information such as observation and medication data. A newly introduced Clinical Quality Monitoring dashboard improves clinical audit, medical record deficiency review and patient safety, while planned patterns of care can be better understood with the ability to perform systematic and retrospective reviews of clinical pathways.

New features such as Emergency Department Streaming deliver an improved care journey for patients, supporting healthcare professionals with case load management and prioritisation through triage scores.

“Our laser focus on customer partnering placed InterSystems at the heart of the most rapid developments in their response to COVID,” said Don Woodlock, head of healthcare solutions for InterSystems. “These learnings have resulted in one of the most exciting and transformative updates of TrakCare, creating a platform that will continue to be the foundation of the best patient care and the launchpad for further innovation.”

About InterSystems

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