Invicta Health Solutions Pledges Sustainability Commitment


Invicta Health Solutions, a Houston-based, minority-owned provider of specialized technology and revenue cycle services for hospitals and health systems, recently unveiled its commitment to standards of Sustainability.

As an employer committed to diversity, equity & inclusion, Invicta hires and retains employees with varied backgrounds, ethnicity and life experiences. Invicta employs a US-based workforce comprised of multi-generational, ethnically diverse talent and a sophisticated patient outreach program led by a client-facing team, at present, 50% of whom are Spanish-language speakers. The Company’s personnel headcount has quadrupled since June of this year, with a turnover rate of just under 1.5% – positively against trend for a traditionally high turnover field.

Invicta’s Chief Executive Officer, Donny Zamora, made comments from the organization’s corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.

“Invicta’s leadership team aggressively cultivates a culture and environment that will support a largely mobile staff supporting hospital clients in markets around the U.S. Revenue cycle management services companies, as an industry, are not necessarily heralded for progressive employee engagement best practices. Plainly, we want to be the pace-setter. We know our approach also benefits our external stakeholders, clients and the communities in which we live, work and do business. Part of that expression is a clear commitment to sustainable practices.”

Operationally, Invicta evaluated sustainable best practices that could be deployed with their business model and subsequently landed on simple yet meaningful standards to reduce its carbon footprint – many of which were already in place, illustrating the innate and natural social and economic best practices that develop in such organizations.

Derek Shaw, Division President of the Company and its internal technology visionary, spoke to Invicta’s role as a Revenue Cycle Management company leading the movement of sustainability in healthcare.

“Technology-forward businesses, whether they specialize in revenue cycle management as we do, or some other field, have a responsible role to advance sustainable practices. The cornerstone of creativity in any form of innovation stems from the core human desire to improve and augment the world that our children will inherit.”

Earlier this month, Invicta also launched its community service platform, InvictaSERV, with a goal of volunteering with food bank and food insecure service programs in the 11 markets around the United States where employees live as the holiday season activation.

Zamora explained the passion behind the executive team’s laser focus on internal culture.

“Invicta Health Solutions operates with a singular mission: utilize advanced technology to revolutionize the way hospitals and health systems effectively manage critical components of the revenue cycle. In the midst of the global pandemic, our brand has flourished because we have integrated Guiding Principles that attract and cultivate discerning talent, customer-centric engagement and technology solutions to benefit the end recipients of our work – patients and their families. We know there is an intrinsic connection between productive, happy employees and forward-thinking business practices.”

About Invicta Health Solutions

Invicta Health Solutions, a US-based, minority-owned organization, partners with healthcare organizations to provide meaningful solutions for improved operational and financial performance–all while positively impacting patients’ satisfaction. Invicta Health Solutions’ approach combines advanced technology, proven workflows, and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals to consistently exceed customers’ expectations.