JAOtech equips Annecy Hospital with Smart Terminals for converged IT and entertainment network


Over 600 JAOtech Smart Terminals form the bedside front end of a high performance information system offering converged voice, data and imaging at the Centre Hospitalier de la Region d’ Annecy (CHRA). It is believed to be the largest deployment of such terminals in France so far.

The 600 JAOtech Obie terminals, all-in-one computers with a 17” touch screen provide medical staff with secure access to clinical data at the patient’s bedside, giving full access to the relevant records and data alongside the facility to prescribe treatments for delivery by the hospital’s fully automated pharmacy. The same terminals provide patients with digital entertainment and communications including telephone, Internet access, IPTV, video on demand and radio, and also provide access to hospital management functions or accessing other information to help make their stay more comfortable.

According to Emmanuel Hardy, Commercial Director of Netlogon, whose company integrated the system,  “Our partnership with JAOtech was a huge opportunity for us. It allowed us to deliver a complete and fully integrated package of patient entertainment and healthcare applications and take it right to the patient’s bedside.”

Medical staff log onto the system using their identification badges – making access quick and simple, according to the Head of the hospital’s Infectious Disease Ward, Dr Jacques Gaillard. “This is a completely new environment for us – something very innovative that changes the way we work. We have instant access to the complete set of records and data relating to each patient, putting us in a position to make a full clinical assessment on the spot. Using the prescription system, we can immediately take that assessment forward and prescribe the most appropriate treatment from the range of options that we have available at the hospital. Our clinical assessment, together with any treatment provided, can then be recorded on the spot rather than leaving this as a task for later.”

Warren Kressinger-Dunn, Managing Director of JAOtech, commented, “CHRA are using JAOtech Smart Terminals to deliver clinical access, patient entertainment and hospital management applications at the bedside – exploiting their full potential. Electronic medical records are becoming more and more sophisticated in European healthcare organisations, and the installation at Annecy illustrates how JAOtech terminals are a key link bringing those records to the point of care when consultations are taking place.”

CHRA has a digital hospital concept, and prescriptions are delivered automatically to the ward through an automatic system of robots. The system has been implemented across  600 beds at the CHRA.

About JAOtech

JAOtech is a market leader in the design and manufacture of a high performance, innovative range of embedded Smart Terminals™. JAOtech patient entertainment and point-of-care terminals are CUL60601 and CUL60601-1 compliant by design and over 35,000 have been installed in hospitals worldwide in partnership with approved technology partners. The terminals provide a core solution for a host of interactive healthcare applications providing secure access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and offering triple-play solutions for patient entertainment. JAOtech is dedicated to the betterment of healthcare IT.

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