Joimax Announces New Distribution Partners in Brazil and Japan


Joimax®, the Germany-based market leader of technologies and training methods for full-endoscopic minimally-invasive spinal surgery, is pleased to announce it has expanded its international market presence with new distribution partners in Brazil and Japan.

In Brazil, joimax® is partnering with the privately-owned CT Group, which offers more than 20 years experience in the medical technology market. CT Group delivers a unique strategy and approach in the Brazilian market, focusing on the spine segment. The group is composed of 5 affiliated companies that provide innovative and high standard medical devices and equipment throughout the country.

“We are very happy to represent joimax® and its complete endoscopic product portfolio in Brazil,” states Volnei Luiz Ortigara, Chairman of the Brazilian CT Group. “Together, we will ensure an outstanding market presence.”

Currently, there are 50 potential providers in Brazil who have been trained on the joimax® methods and will be able to start offering joimax® endoscopic procedures this spring.

In Japan, joimax® is partnering with United Biomech Japan, Inc., who will oversee distribution of the complete joimax® product line countrywide. The official market launch will take place at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related Research (JSSR), April 18 – 20, 2019 in Yokohama, Japan. The agreement coincides with the Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement (JEFTA) which came into effect February 1, 2019.

“This is the first time joimax® will be involved with the Japanese market,” states Wolfgang Ries, Founder and CEO of the joimax® Group. “We are excited to extend our global reach and offer superior medical products and training internationally.”

The presence in these two major markets is part of the overall growth strategy for joimax®. further positioning the company as a leader in the spine industry.

About joimax®

Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2001, joimax® is the leading developer and marketer of complete systems for full-endoscopic and minimally invasive spinal surgery. With the Endoscopic Surgical Systems TESSYS® (transforaminal), iLESSYS® (interlaminar) and CESSYS® (cervical) for decompression procedures, MultiZYTE® for facet and sacroiliac joint pain treatment and EndoLIF® and Percusys® for minimally-invasive endoscopically assisted stabilizations, established systems are provided, addressing a whole range of indications.

In procedures for herniated disc, stenosis, pain therapy or spinal stabilization treatment, surgeons utilize joimax® technologies to operate through small incisions under local or full anesthesia, via tissue and muscle-sparing corridors and through natural openings in the spinal canal, e.g. the intervertebral foramen, the so-called “Kambin triangle”.