Nocca Robotics launches High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Device Noccarc H210 for critical care treatment of COVID-19 patients


The newly launched device is driven by novel technology and helps patients with respiratory issues breathe comfortably through nasal cannN Noccarobotics, High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Device, Technology, Noccarc H210, COVID-19, HFNC machine.

In a bid to help COVID-19 patients, Nocca Robotics Pvt Ltd, an incubatee company of SIIC, IIT Kanpur, offering clinically validated, certified, and high-quality critical care equipment, has launched a High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Device. The cutting-edge device is proven to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and is easy to use and comfortable for the patients. High-Flow Oxygen Therapy drastically reduces the chances of intubation.

The Noccarc H210 addresses the pressing need for high flow oxygen therapy devices in the country owing to the current pandemic and the rising cases of COVID-19 patients. The HFOT (High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Device) provides humidified oxygen-rich air to the patients through nasal cannula, thus increasing the oxygen level supplied to the blood. High-Flow Oxygen Therapy provides easy oral suctioning and expectoration. The heated and humidified gas also enhances epithelial muco-ciliary, thus lowering the risk of respiratory complications such as pneumonia and delirium. The use of cannula in the HFOT makes it easy for the patient to communicate with the healthcare professionals and reduces the risk of tomophobia to the patient caused due to intubation.

With a servo humidifier, Noccarc H210 provides humidified air at a controlled set temperature and humidity levels. Incorporating high-end technology, the Noccarc H210 has a 4.3-inch touch screen interface for easy accessibility, electronic FiO2 control with inputs for high- and low-pressure oxygen, and a turbine-based flow generator. The product is also equipped with an integrated heater and dual temperature sensors. The versatile solution also has adult and paediatric modes, that allow healthcare professionals to use it on both children and adults with variable flow rate.

Carefully designed for convenience and usability, the Noccarc H210 comes with various alarms to alert healthcare professionals in case of tube blockage/disconnection, unplugged temperature sensor, unplugged heater wire, or even in the case of very high or very low supply of oxygen to the patient.

Speaking on the new development of HFNC machine, Nikhil Kurele, CEO, Nocca Robotics said, “High-Flow Oxygen Therapy comes with a plethora of benefits such as improving oxygenation, decreasing intubation rates, and a lowered tomophobic feeling, allowing the person to breathe freely. Built to reduce the metabolic cost of breathing, the Noccarc H210 offers maximum comfort to patients with acute and chronic breathing problems. Currently, there is an increased demand in the market for HFNC equipment with the COVID-19 tally rising each day. The Noccarc H210’s integrated servo humidifier is the key part of the device as it ensures air delivery at optimum temperature and humidity level, making H210 more advanced in terms of functionality and benefits as compared to a regular high-flow oxygen therapy device.”

“Although the number of cases in the country is rising, when considering the criticality of the patients who require ventilators are relatively lower. Our primary market lies within this segment of those who are in the need of HFOT devices,” he added. “Pre-COVID times saw a low market for locally made ventilators due to sub-par quality forcing health care institutions to turn to foreign brands. However, the pandemic has created an opportunity for local brands to create high-quality products that are affordable and easily available. Additionally, the HFOT market in India is also growing exponentially, paving the way for homegrown brands to establish their presence.”

Incepted in 2017, Nocca Robotics aims to provide robotic solutions for real-world problems. Catering to various sectors, the brand was awarded the Smart Start-up of the year 2020 by India Smart Grid Forum for its technologically driven products. The fast-growing company is committed to offering sustainable solutions to various social and environmental problems and aims to be a leader in revolutionizing the market with its innovative best-in- class products. The sales of the product will commence from September 1st, 2020 in all parts of the country.