Our SALUD Health Care Advocates Launch Website, New Video

In its ongoing efforts to advocate for safe, equal and unrestricted health care access for residents in East Los Angeles and to voice its commitment to ensure the availability of information on quality care issues, Our SALUD has launched a new website.
We are thrilled to launch our new website today, said Elba Romo, Our SALUD Community Advocate and Co-Founder. The new website is intended to be a source of empowerment for the East Los Angeles community. It is a way for patients to educate themselves and ensure they will not become victims of health care system schemes.
The website and expansion have been fueled by the courage of a young man, Juan Carlos Jandres  a cancer survivor alleging he was delayed care by HealthCare Partners (HCP). Over half a million Los Angeles area residents are part of a network connected to the alleged illegally operating medical group. Jandres is now stepping out to tell his story in hopes that this never happens to anyone else again. Jandres explains his heart wrenching story of how he had to fight to save his life on Our SALUD's first You Tube channel.
You Tube will allow Our SALUD to spread important testimony and information via a medium that is much more personal and widespread, said Ms. Romo, In a couple of weeks time Juan's videos have reached many in our community and garnered significant media attention.
The site will also serve as a resource to boost recent expansion efforts. Our SALUD is increasing its advocacy work to encompass other critical issues affecting this Southern California region. This includes an effort to fight childhood obesity, a trend that has more than doubled in the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
We are excited to assist community members most in need of help. Our hopes are to form long-term mutually beneficial relationships for our community, said Nestor Valencia, Our SALUD Community Advocate and Co-Founder.
About Our SALUD
Our SALUD (Somos Aliados Latinos Unidos por la Dignidad – Latino Allies United for Dignity), is a grassroots coalition and healthcare watchdog representing civic, community and business leaders from the Southern California Latino communities. We believe that our low-income, minority communities deserve quality healthcare access equal to other communities. We believe our communities are not unlike other communities in California that are yearning for best practices and quality health care. With the new Affordable Care Act, we believe legislators should practice transparency and good government in implementing new health care delivery models, which should include exceptional, free of conflict-of-interest, community-patient focused decision makers at every level.