Overwatch Technologies Launches Innovative Real-Time Seizure Monitoring Technology


Overwatch Technologies has introduced a new real-time seizure monitoring technology, as part of its efforts to enhance the quality of life for people living with epilepsy.

The company has designed the new advanced solution to deliver real-time seizure monitoring, alerts, and reports for epilepsy patients.

Overwatch Technologies patent advocacy director Stephanie Fokas said: “One of the biggest fears in our epilepsy community is not knowing when someone will have a seizure and making sure that they’re safe.”
The new seizure detection and alerting application has been developed using machine-learning algorithms

Developed using machine-learning algorithms, the new seizure detection and alerting application is said to work on an Apple Watch.

Upon detection of abnormal movement that indicates seizure, the Overwatch application delivers an alert through text or telephone call along with location information to the user’s designated caregivers and contacts.

The information provided by the new technology will help detect potential patterns or triggers, which may result in seizures in the future.

Overwatch CEO Terry Fokas said: “In addition to its monitoring and alerting functionality, the Overwatch application stores seizure data in an online diary and sends real-time reports, which can be shared with caregivers and doctors.

“The seizure detection application is not a substitute for medical treatment, but a complementary technology that provides users, caregivers and doctors with a comprehensive analysis of the intensity, frequency and duration of seizure events.”

Overwatch Technologies is engaged in the development and commercialisation of products and services for the neurology market.

The company’s research and development teams work with scientists, doctors, clinicians, researchers, patients, caregivers, and first responders to better design products and services.

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