Permanente Health Care Ventures and Datos Health Launch Breakthrough Covid 19 Remote Monitoring App to Ensure Back to Work Safety


Permanente Health Care Ventures (PHCV) and Datos Health (Datos) are pleased to announce the public launch of their turnkey self-service Sidney Navigator™ Covid 19 solution. This innovative monitoring platform is the product of a collaboration between PHCV and Datos.

Datos and PHCV came together at the beginning of the pandemic to respond to requests from employers and universities like Pacific University Oregon. Pacific University wanted a tool to help keep its population safe while continuing in-person learning. “We needed a solution to help us mitigate risk and monitor student and employee COVID protocol compliance across our system. Our main concern was to clearly guide exposed individuals, and those exhibiting symptoms, to appropriate next steps. As new mandates emerged, we needed a platform that could quickly and easily adjust,” explained Jennifer Yruegas, Dean College of Business and General Counsel of Pacific University Oregon.

The project soon evolved to capture symptoms, illnesses, and vaccine reactions. “Datos Health was the logical partner for this project because of its track record of high-quality care monitoring and adaptive technology infrastructure,” said Dr. Micah Thorp, DO, Vice President of Strategy, Northwest Permanente PC, and President, PHCV. “Based on guidance from infectious disease experts, we worked closely with Datos to interpret and maintain CDC-compliant workflows as they evolved.”

“We are uniquely positioned for projects such as this one because of our platform’s flexibility. Unlike other Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems that incorporate pre-built workflows, we have no limitations on what can be monitored or automated,” said Uri Bettesh, CEO and Founder of Datos Health. “Our initial goal was to keep the workplace and campus populations safe. Now, the platform not only monitors health in relation to COVID, but also helps employers manage the status of each employee regarding vaccine administration and testing.”

PHCV’s high-frequency yet low-touch Sidney Navigator™ platform ensures employers are aware of employee population status in real-time. Built-in alerts encourage appropriate next steps are taken by employees and create a record of compliance for employers. Datos and PHCV will continue their partnership to ensure the Sidney Navigator™ Covid 19 solution remains the leading platform for employee compliance with COVID guidelines.

About Datos Health

Since 2015, Datos Health has supported the growing need to monitor and care for patients remotely with quick and easy deployment of personalized clinical workflows. Our solution facilitates automated assisted self-care across any clinical condition, patient profile, or treatment plans, significantly increasing patient engagement and reducing adverse events. The Datos Health platform replaces today’s rigid, pre-built RPM solutions with a powerful open framework. Providers gain unlimited freedom to adapt our out-of-the-box remote care programs to fit their workflows or they can easily design their own programs.?

About Permanente Health Care Ventures

Permanente Health Care Ventures (PHCV) drives innovation in the practice of medicine and the delivery of 21st century healthcare solutions. A subsidiary of Northwest Permanente, PC, the largest independent multi-specialty physician group in Oregon and SW Washington, PHCV is committed to advancing total health of the patients, people and communities they serve.