Philips expands its range of consumer-focused digital health solutions at CES 2020


At CES 2020, Royal Philips , a global leader in health technology, announced its expansion of personalized consumer health solutions that help shape the industry of consumer health. With the expansion of the collaboration with Delta Dental of California to improve oral care outcomes, the introduction of Baby+ to support new parents and the SmartSleep suite of solutions, Philips is addressing people’s individual needs and empowering them to make healthier choices.

“The new generation of digitally savvy health-conscious consumers are demanding intelligent solutions that adapt to their unique needs and lifestyles,” said Roy Jakobs, Chief Business Leader Personal Health businesses at Philips. “By integrating smart devices, software applications and services with cloud-based artificial intelligence, Philips is delivering evidence-based personal health solutions that adapt to a user’s goals, preferences and behaviors, making them more personalized and meaningful than ever before. All our introductions at this year’s CES, such as our oral health, pregnancy and new consumer sleep solutions are part of a connected ecosystem that links proactive personal health engagement with easy access to professional coaching and advice.”

Philips Sonicare oral healthcare ecosystem
Building on the success of Philips’ comprehensive range of world-leading oral healthcare solutions, which includes the top-of-the-range Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart connected toothbrush and the Philips Sonicare Teledentistry service, this year’s CES sees the roll-out of the next phase of the BrushSmart® program from Philips and Delta Dental of California, and its affiliates, which comprise the largest provider of dental benefits in the United States. With the mission to improve oral care outcomes, BrushSmart® [1] is designed to connect brushing behaviors at home with professional dental care to better understand, motivate and drive improvements in oral health and overall wellness.

Under the program, members who agree to collect and share real-time oral care brushing data from their Philips Sonicare connected toothbrush will benefit from exclusive oral care product and service offerings, including the Philips Sonicare ExpertClean toothbrush and free brush heads when they brush regularly. Users of the program benefit from better oral health, while Philips and Delta Dental [2] will be able to create data-driven insights and personalized solutions that address the needs of each member. Exemplifying how Philips extends its data driven service from consumers to payers and employers, announcement follows a successful pilot program conducted last year with employees of major U.S. companies, including, Ultimate Medical Academy and Callaway Golf.

Philips Avent mother and childcare ecosystem
Following the success of Philips free Pregnancy+ app for IOS and Android devices, which currently boasts close to 30 million downloads worldwide, Philips is now introducing another free app called Baby+. While Pregnancy+ is designed to support parents from the moment they know they are expecting a new baby, Baby+ provides them with a dedicated tool to track their baby’s growth and receive ongoing advice specific to each stage of their baby’s development from the moment he or she is born.

Designed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and existing parents, both apps offer bespoke expert information in the form of articles, information and trackers, bringing a feel-good factor to pregnancy and the first two years of parenthood with beautiful, informative and helpful content, accompanied by clinical back up and expert advice. Baby+, which can track multiple babies in the same family (e.g. twins or closely born siblings) also allows parents to create a yearbook or use the app’s face-a-day function to capture their baby’s growth and share precious moments with other family members. Both apps are free to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In addition, Philips Lumify, an app-based portable ultrasound is showcased. Lumify brings diagnostic capabilities to compatible smart mobile devices, allowing the transducer to connect directly to a phone or tablet, making ultrasound more portable and screenings of pregnant women more easily available.

Philips’ SmartSleep ecosystem
As part of its goal of addressing more than 80% of all sleep issues worldwide, Philips is introducing the latest evolution in its SmartSleep suite of solutions at CES 2020; the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband 2. Philips designed the next generation Deep Sleep Headband using consumer sleep data, ongoing research alongside sleep physicians, and feedback from early adopters to deliver an end-to-end sleep experience. The latest model continues to actively improve deep sleep for those who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle, while introducing new features. New Fall Asleep Sounds help soothe the wearer to sleep, while SmartAlarm helps wake the wearer in their lightest stage of sleep within approximately 5-30 minutes of their desired wake time. The smaller, lighter design also features bone conduction tones replacing over-the-ear speakers, dry sensors, and an improved SleepMapper app experience featuring REM phase tracking for a more robust look at the wearer’s sleep patterns.

Philips will also showcase its SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band solution for alleviating positional back snoring; its SmartSleep Better Sleep Program, which re-trains a user’s sleep habits to help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer; and SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light, which enables users to control key aspects of their sleeping and waking experiences with the SleepMapper app. Using Philips’ online SmartSleep Analyzer tool, recently incorporated into the Walgreens Find Care™ platform, consumers can assess their current sleep quality and receive personalized feedback, valuable insights, and recommendations about clinically validated solutions from Philips and its SmartSleep ecosystem partners to help address their sleep challenges.

With a strong foothold and trusted brand in both professional healthcare and the consumer domain, Philips is in a unique position to bridge both worlds – combining clinical know-how with consumer insights to develop solutions and ecosystems that meet the growing and evolving needs of consumers, healthcare professionals and payers/insurers along the full health continuum.

About Royal Philips
Royal Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. Philips generated 2018 sales of EUR 18.1 billion and employs approximately 80,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries.