Prenetics Launches Circle Snapshot, Simple At-home Blood Tests Using the World’s First Push-Button and Painless Blood Collection Device


Prenetics Global Limited, a global leader in genomic and diagnostic testing, announced the launch of Circle Snapshot, a variety of at-home blood tests that feature the world’s first painless, patented, push-button blood collection device, to enable individuals to discover one’s current health status from home.

Circle Snapshot is designed to provide key insights across 50+ health concerns, including food sensitivity, food allergy, vitamin deficiency, sexual health, heart health, diabetes risk, men’s and women’s health. The at-home health test series will be rolled out in different phases with the Food Sensitivity, Heart Health and COVID-19 Antibody Test being made available starting today and additional tests in the coming months.

Circle Snapshot features a revolutionary CE-certified blood collection device. Upon placing the device on the upper arm, individuals will just need to push a button to start a painless blood collection process which takes less than 2 minutes.

The results would provide valuable health information:

Food Sensitivity Test – Test for 96 set of foods which may be causing discomfort such as abdominal pain, bloating, headache and indigestion. The results will help guide which foods to eliminate from one’s diet. The retail price is HKD1,999.

Heart Health Test – Test measures total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, hs-CRP, TC/LDL ratio, TG/HDL ratio and non-HDL. Knowing your numbers and taking steps to optimize your cholesterol and lipids, can help reduce the risk for heart disease. The retail price is HKD799.

COVID-19 Antibody Test – Test measures current COVID-19 antibody levels from 0 AU/mL to 40,000 AU/mL to find out if you may have sufficient antibodies from prior vaccination and/or prior infection. The retail price is HKD699.

As a special launch offer, all tests have free delivery to one’s home and courier return to the Prenetics laboratory. Individuals will receive their results on the Circle app within three business days. The tests will be available at Circle Snapshot’s official website Circle Snapshot will first be launched in Hong Kong SAR, followed by South East Asia and the United Kingdom in the future.

According to Frost & Sullivan, at-home health tests have experienced an increase in demand over the recent years, with the market’s main growth drivers being consumers’ increased willingness to purchase healthcare products due to COVID-19 and the demand for convenience and privacy, alongside the accessibility and affordability of at-home health tests. According to the report, the projected global market size for at-home health testing will be more than US$6 billion by 2030, showing the promising potential of such a market.

Danny Yeung, CEO & Co-founder of Prenetics, said, “With more importance being placed on health awareness due to COVID-19, at-home blood tests has a significant opportunity to make preventive testing accessible and affordable. Many individuals just don’t have the time and/or afraid of needles to get blood tests, with Circle Snapshot, the convenience of being able to draw blood painlessly at-home or even at a restaurant is a game-changer. As such, we are delighted to launch Circle Snapshot, which will play a key role in helping the public discover their current health status across key areas of health. With today’s announcement, we are one step forward in making our vision come true by decentralizing healthcare.”