Proton Therapy Opens at Sibley Memorial Hospital, a Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, US top ranked healthcare institution


Hitachi, Ltd announced that Hitachi has provided its advanced proton therapy system to Sibley Memorial Hospital (Washington DC, US),a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine (Maryland, US), and it has started treatment on October 25, 2019.On October 28, an opening ceremony at Sibley Memorial Hospital was held.The proton therapy system installed at Sibley includes spot scanning technology that sends a the rapeuticproton beam precisely conforming to the shape of the target tumor. It has three rotating gantry treatment rooms and one fixed beam research room.

This is the first Hitachi system in the US with Real-time Gated Proton Therapy capability, which allows real-time beam irradiation to the tumor while compensating for movement associated with respiration. Johns Hopkins Medicine, based in Baltimore, Maryland, US, is a world-class hospital focusing on medical research and clinical care. Johns Hopkins Hospital has maintained its position as one of top hospitals in U.S. News & World Report rankings for decades.

Sibley Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins Medicine, provides cancer care from  the  world-renowned Johns  Hopkins  Sidney  Kimmel  Comprehensive  Cancer Center which also has one of the most successful cancer research programs in the world. Hitachi has been proactively promoting particle therapy system business worldwide, supplying  world-class  facilities  with  its  highly  reliable  and  proven  particletherapy systems, which have treated more than 60,000 patients. Hitachi will provide system and services, including single room solution in realizing installation in urban limited areas and hybrid system combined with capability of generating both proton and heavy ion in one accelerator, to meet all customer needs.

Hitachi  will  continue  to  accelerate  the  globalization  of  its  particle  therapy  system business and contribute to cancer treatment around the world.Note: *U.S. News & World Report releases its Best Hospitals rankings in the country every year.Overview of Particle TherapyParticle Therapy is an advanced type of cancer radiotherapy. Protons extracted from hydrogen atoms, or carbon ions are accelerated up to 70% of the speed of light.

This energy  is  concentrated  directly  on  the  tumor  while  minimizing  radiation  dose  to surrounding healthy tissue. Particle therapy improves the quality of life for cancer patients since the patient experiences no pain during treatment and the procedure has very few side effects compared to that of traditional radiotherapy. In most cases, patients can continue with their normal daily activities while undergoing treatment.

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