QPharma Launches Neolytica, an AI focused Healthcare Analytics Firm


QPharma, a leader in Medical, Commercial and Compliance services for the life sciences industry, is proud to announce establishment of Neolytica, a subsidiary that will take healthcare analytics to an entirely different level.

QPharma has been a pioneer in the compliance space for 25 years. It has achieved tremendous successes and traction in recent times, in healthcare analytics — specifically Ti Expert (KOL mapping and HCP targeting) solution and NotifyMe product. This is one of the key drivers behind establishing Neolytica, which will focus on platforms and solutions which will use next generation technologies like NLP, AI, Face recognition, Chat bots to amplify the much-required technology advancement in healthcare community especially for Medical Affairs/MSL insights, Marketing and Commercial teams.

A significant part of QPharma’s growth is an outcome of its ability to identify gaps in the industry and come up with innovative solutions to address them. QPharma’s decision to focus on and invest in data analytics and AI synergizes well with its expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. The outcome: a healthcare analytics focused portfolio of innovative products and solutions. A comprehensive offering that will enable clients get intuitive insights using its state-of-the-art platforms.

“QPharma’s recent successes have been driven by innovations like Sample Direct to Patient, Sentiment Analysis, and NotifyMe that addressed specific gaps during the Covid-19 crisis. This brought into fore the impact QPharma could have in the industry if it focused and invested more on analytics,” said QPharma President and CEO Patrick Den Boer. “QPharma’s health analytics solution has grown at an average of 205% over the past two years. Behind this growth is partnering with 15 out of top 20 pharmaceutical companies and the successful launch of 25 drugs, where QPharma’s role entailed creation of end-to-end KOL mapping and HCP targeting strategies for each launch, including that for the recent Covid-19 antibody treatment,” said Badal Shah, Managing Director, KOL and Targeting Solutions at QPharma. Patrick further added, “Based on recent success of our health analytics solution, we are confident that Neolytica will act as a catalyst in the industry and address its need for insightful platforms and solutions.”

Backed by an award-winning leadership and ably supported by a global team of industry experts, Neolytica’s solutions and portfolio of products will deliver significant value in strategic and operational aspects of Medical Affairs, Market Access, Commercial Marketing and Commercial Sales.

About QPharma, Inc.

Founded in 1994, QPharma is the industry leader in cloud-based software and services for life sciences. Its Commercial Services division provides solutions that include sample management and distribution, product launch management, online training, and HCP/KOL targeting and engagement. Services offered by the company’s Professional Services division include validation services, project management, auditing, and training. QPharma is also a National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor and an approved American Medical Association Database Licensee.