Remote Medical International Launches RMI Access Telemedicine and Case Management For Industrial Environment


Remote Medical International (RMI), announced the launch of two new services RMI Access™ Telemedicine and Case Management, to address health and safety challenges found in demanding industrial environments. These services provide direct anytime, anywhere access to licensed medical providers trained in industrial injury management in all 50 states.

With RMI Access Telemedicine, employees have 24/7/365 access to licensed medical providers and care at work or away from the job site. For companies with multiple locations, this service assures safety teams that all employees receive a consistent quality of care. Uniquely, RMI Access providers are trained in industrial injury management who understand the special medical and care challenges facing remote workers. The Telemedicine service features a web application that gives patients access via chat or video.

In addition to comprehensive worker care, RMI Access Case Management helps employers improve outcomes with effective planning, fast response, ongoing injury management, and detailed reporting. RMI Access medical providers are trained in evidence-based conservative treatment, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and employers. This service gives patients the option to connect to the service via telephone, which is especially important in remote areas where internet service may be unavailable.

The Case Management service saves valuable time by pre-identifying clinical resources, so employees receive the proper care and advice at every worksite. Equally important, the program tracks and manages clinical visits, appointments, and ongoing treatment for injured employees from the time of the trauma or illness until they return to work or their case transitions to the workers’ compensation team. Complementing this service, RMI InSights provides real-time reports, alerts, and analytics like patient interactions, the types of injuries, and the sites where they occur – within HIPPA guidelines – from a customizable customer accessible, web-based dashboard. The dashboard keeps safety teams informed with the data needed to improve their health and safety programs continuously.