Serinus Health Will Unveil Unique Suite of Patient Centric Services at HIMSS 2020


Serinus Health is a leading provider of patient centric services for effective reduction of ER/Hospitalizations. Serinus provides Remote Patient Monitoring at home for early detection of health risk changes. Risk changes trigger automated alerts to the care team. Upon receiving a health alert, Serinus conducts real time patient health assessment to complement the patient’s condition evidence, for prompt and precise Interventions of Care Coordination. Furthermore, Serinus’ platform enables physicians to provide “Care When and Where is Needed’ using evidence based Tele-Medicine to patients at home.

Timely and evidence-based Telemedicine care at home, or in the clinic, is THE effective way to prevent ER/Hospital Admissions.

Serinus has the most flexible array of health monitoring tools, for total patient flexibility, including automated APPs; smart Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistants via Voice or Texting; and data concentrators requiring no patient intervention for vital automated transmissions via cell networks. Serinus smart cloud applications detect and send automated Alerts upon detection of vital abnormalities, while physicians and care teams have access real time patient vital data fusion dashboards.

Serinus Health will demonstrate all these Patient Centric Solutions at HIMSS 2020 Intelligent Health Pavilion, IHP, (Booth 7273-29) and during the IHP’s Leadership Theater presentation.

The Intelligent Health Association (IHA), creator of The Intelligent Health Pavilion™ (IHP), the one-stop, healthcare-technology, destination pavilion, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at HIMSS20. The IHA focuses on the following technologies: Auto-ID, biometrics, UV technologies, smart lighting, RFID/RTLS, 3-D printing, lasers, robotics, RF technologies, voice technology, wearables, sensors, hearables, mobile devices, and all wireless technologies