UniDoc Signs Definitive Agreement to Provide Telehealth Services in Kenya


UniDoc Health Corp., an innovator in the telehealth sector, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive master equipment deployment and services agreement (the “Agreement”) with Claron Health International (Kenya) Limited (“Claron” or the “Partner”) to provide telehealth services in the Republic of Kenya.

Pursuant to the Agreement, UniDoc has agreed to a master deployment agreement and framework for the leasing of certain telehealth equipment and the licensing of related software including the Virtual Care Solutions Model (“VCSM”) kiosks from the Company to Claron for monthly service fees. The VCSM is a proprietary customizable and comprehensive telehealth solution that is currently being developed by the Company and is being designed to integrate a range of physical products, web-based services, and analytical tools, along with access to the Company’s developing network of healthcare providers, pharmacies, and hospitals.

The Company and the Partner agreed to an initial equipment rollout of VCSM kiosks and minimum subscription model pursuant to the Agreement. The Partner anticipates these kiosks will be located at locations throughout the Republic of Kenya. The Agreement provides for an initial minimum of 1,000,000 patient subscribers within 12 months from the date of kiosk installations and has a value of up to approximately US$120 million over the Agreement’s five-year term based on the initial quantity of kiosks. The Agreement also provides for a ramp-up to service for additional patient subscribers. The delivery of initial VCSM kiosks and any ramp-up of additional kiosk locations are all subject to the commercialization of the VCSM kiosk by the Company, completion of successful site studies by both parties and other customary conditions. As at the date of this news release, the VCSM remains under development by the Company and has not generated any revenues. There is no guarantee that any service fees will be paid to UniDoc under the Agreement or that the VCSM will generate any revenues at all.

The Company also agreed to provide certain data management and telecommunications services to be used by the Partner to provide in-suite telehealth and related services in its designated facilities. The software and telecommunications services will provide the Partner with access to an authentication service and on-line portal which permits secure, live-streaming videoconferencing and transmission of diagnostic data between on-site patients physically using individual kiosks units and remote healthcare professionals accessing the portal. Medical personnel for the VCSM kiosks will be coordinated by the Partner.

The Company has agreed to install the VCSM kiosks and perform initial functionality tests at locations to be specified by the Partner. The Company has also agreed to provide to the Partner on-site training, follow-up training, troubleshooting, and certain maintenance services and supplies including hardware support, software updates, data analysis (upon request), and annual on-site testing and maintenance.

The Agreement is for an initial period of five years and automatically renews for an additional five years unless terminated upon written notice by either of the parties. The payment of service fees to UniDoc by the Partner under the Agreement commences only upon delivery of the initial VCSM kiosks by UniDoc to the Partner. A further news release will follow if initial delivery of VCSM kiosks has been successfully made by the Company to the Partner.

UniDoc CEO Antonio Baldassare notes, “UniDoc continues to work towards making health care accessible to everyone. We are excited to work with Claron to bring our Virtual Care Solutions Model to the people of Kenya. Our kiosks will help to allow our Partner’s network of health care professionals connect with patients throughout the country.”

About UniDoc Health Corp.

UniDoc is developing a telehealth solution which is being designed as a self-contained remote virtual clinic within a private kiosk for patients to undergo full consultations as if they were present in a physician’s office. Telehealth opens the doors to a large segment of the population challenged by access, experience or understanding of online computer technology. It is the Company’s belief that physical accessibility is the key to its business proposition. UniDoc is dedicated to unlocking shareholder value by delivering an excellent product and sophisticated commercial network within an expedited timeframe.

About Clarion Health International (Kenya) Ltd.

Claron Health International is a leading International Provider of Medical, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Services. We believe in Innovative and Smart healthcare – little solutions to significantly impact clients’ health and wellness. These include Tele-Medicine application, activity monitoring, onsite clinics, and personalized medical care.