Watsons and Prenetics Pioneer Revolutionary Personalised & Preventive Digital Healthcare with Partnership in Asia


A.S. Watson Group announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with Prenetics, a leading genetics and digital health company in Asia and Europe. Watsons Hong Kong is the first market in Asia to launch Circle DNA in its network of over 240 stores, and it will also be available online at www.watsons.com.hk.

The strategic partnership is built on making health sustainable by focusing on prevention instead of treatment. After the premiere in Hong Kong, Watsons is planning to introduce Circle DNA in other markets where A.S. Watson Group operates. A.S. Watson Group is the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer operating over 15,200 stores under 12 retail brands in 25 markets.

The partnership coincides with the launch of Circle DNA, the World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test, delivering 500+ reports with a single saliva sample. Prenetics is setting an industry standard by using Whole Exome Sequencing Technology, with 99.9% validated analytical accuracy and provides 50-100x more data than competitors whom use genotyping technology.

Circle DNA provides a comprehensive view and analysis of an individual’s DNA along with actionable recommendations via mobile app for people to take control of their own health journey. At launch, Circle DNA introduces four types of home testing kit (Vital, Family Planning, Health and Premium) can provide personalised assessment and solution tools on nutrigenomics, pharmacogenomics, inherited cancer screen and family planning screen.

In addition, every Circle DNA test comes with a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation by a genetic counsellor/ health coach. Also, Watsons Hong Kong has been the No. 1 Pharmacy/ Drugstore brand in Asia* for 11 consecutive years, with over 60 in-store pharmacies in Hong Kong and the new Watsons Health App which connects customers with a strong professional team to provide one-stop personalised health consultations and solutions.

  • Circle Vital DNA Test – 125+ Reports Across 14 Categories.
    Designed for those who seek the best in their diet, fitness, lifestyle and optimal wellness.
  • Circle Family Planning DNA Test – 155+ Reports
    Designed for those who are thinking about starting a family. Individuals can find out if they and
    their partner carry inherited conditions that they might pass on to their unborn child.
  • Circle Health DNA Test – 115+ Reports Across 4 Categories Designed for those who want to understand their health risk, empowering individuals to act earlierto reduce and prevent their risk of cancer, diseases, dementia and brain health.
  • Circle Premium DNA Test – 500+ Reports Across 20 Categories Designed for those who take health and wellness seriously. Individuals can understand everythingtheir genes can tell about their cancer and disease risk, optimal diet and nutrition, family planning, and much more. Customers of Circle Premium DNA Test can enjoy a free lifetime subscription of DNA updates, including new categories and reports.Ms. Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson Group, is excited about the strategic partnership, “Health and wellbeing is a key focus of A.S. Watson. Our customers in Asia is increasingly health conscious and they look for preventive health solutions for themselves, and their families. In the last 12 months, our health business has been growing high double digit in Asia. We also recognise that time is becoming more precious for all our customers, hence the demand for innovative health products and services that can help improve their health conditions in a convenient way is on the rise.”

    “We are excited to launch Circle DNA first in Watsons Hong Kong, providing easy solution for personalised digital healthcare assessment. Combined with our strong customer connectivity, scalable pharmacy network, professional health team, and loyalty programme, we are committed to help customers to take further actions to improve their known health concerns. We will explore opportunities to bring this innovation to other Watsons markets in Asia.”

    Mr. Danny Yeung, CEO and Co-Founder of Prenetics, said “We are extremely excited to partner with A.S. Watson Group and jointly launch Circle DNA in Watsons Hong Kong as the first market. In the age of new retail, we are a big believer of an Omni-channel approach and with A.S. Watson strong retail presence globally, we couldn’t have asked for a better strategic partner. With our Circle DNA launch, this is a significant technological breakthrough which further gives everyone the power to be in control of their own health”.