X-trodes Launches First Wearable Solution for Remote Facial Electromyography (fEMG) Measurement


X-trodes, a company bringing wireless monitoring solutions to the home environment, announced it has launched a first-of-its-kind wearable and wireless facial electromyography solution for the medical, research and consumer communities.

Facial electromyography (facial EMG or fEMG) utilizes electrodes to assess even the most subtle facial expressions and decipher emotional reactions, providing insights into a person’s psychological and neurological status in order to better assess affective responses and support medical diagnosis. Facial EMG technology is currently applied in a wide range of fields, including cognition monitoring, rehabilitation, neurological diagnostics, and emotion detection.

“Facial EMG already has a solid foundation in the market and holds tremendous promise for a wide range of health, wellness and commercial use cases,” said Ziv Peremen, Ph.D., CEO of X-trodes. “We are excited to apply our proprietary technology to this developing field, providing an affordable and reliable end-to-end solution that offers new ways to understand human cognition and emotion in different environments.”

Current fEMG technologies tend to be inconvenient to apply and uncomfortable for users to wear, interfering with natural behavior and affecting the efficacy of results. The X-trodes solution comprises wireless dry-printed electro patches that conform to the musculature of the face. Requiring no gel or adhesive, they can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time while acquiring electrophysiological signals, providing data of an unprecedented quality.

X-trodes’ Smart Skin technology was developed over a decade of research and its efficacy for facial EMG has been validated by several peer-reviewed studies published in leading journals, including Brain and Behavior and the Journal of Neural Engineering.