Exploring Innovative Neurological Treatments: A Conversation with Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson of Casa Privée


Casa Privée, under the leadership of Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson, pioneers innovative treatments for a range of neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. Integrating advanced modalities such as HBOT, TMS, and Ketamine Therapy, Casa Privée offers personalized care tailored to each individual’s needs. Dr. Johnson’s multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in brain science, molecular genetics, and regenerative biology, positions Casa Privée as a leading center for brain health worldwide. The facility’s commitment to cognitive enhancement extends to children and adolescents, utilizing state-of-the-art neurotechnologies and behavior modifications. Dr. Johnson’s extensive experience and research, particularly in neurodevelopmental disorders like autism, underscore Casa Privée’s dedication to transformative healthcare solutions.

1. Can you provide more details about how Casa Privée integrates technologies like HBOT, TMS, and Ketamine Therapy into their treatment plans? How do these modalities complement traditional approaches to mental healthcare? 

Casa Privée is “Time Travel in Medicine” that integrates futuristic and advanced medical treatments into the highest quality of healthcare. An important key to our treatments is to repair the damage to the brain due to damage from neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. As an example,  depression is a common mental disorder but what most people do not realize is that depression is associated with neuroinflammation to the brain and in others, a reduced blood supply. So, by providing hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) we help the brain to repair by reducing the neuroinflammation. By using transcranial magnetic stimulation, we can help improve the blood supply to a specific part of the brain and that increased oxygen to the blood helps to remodel nerve cells. Together, this combination may help to improve depression.

2. It’s fascinating to hear about the range of conditions Casa Privée addresses, from depression and anxiety to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Could you elaborate on the personalized approach takes in tailoring treatments for each individual?

Casa Privée is a unique facility.  And one of the special features of the center is that the medical director, Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson, has been a professor of many fields of brain science including neurology, neuroscience, and neuropsychiatry. He also was the head of all brain sciences at a major university, and has been acclaimed as one of the finest physician neuroscientists in the world. Prof. Dr. Johnson also has a doctorate in molecular genetics, which enables him to use regenerative biological products to improve the repair to the brain and vital organs.  This knowledge helps Prof Dr. Johnson to combine a wide range of specialities to improve health. Casa Privée is a leading world center for brain health.

3. We’re particularly interested in learning about the treatment modalities available for children and adolescents. How does Casa Privée approach cognitive enhancement and restructuring for conditions like ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders?

Casa Privée uses advanced neurotechnologies to alleviate neurodevelopment disorders in children and adolescents. We have a unique machine called a Theta Chamber, famed for use with astronauts, to modulate brain waves and energy.  Using the appropriate frequencies, this can improve cognition and information processing in the brain. We try and avoid medications for ADHD because they can reduce growth and are sometimes unnecessary.  We combine these advanced cognitive enhancement with human-driven neurobiological tools, aids, and behavior modifications to provide a comprehensive level of care.

4. Could you please provide details about contributions made in understanding and treating neurological disorders such as autism? We’re particularly interested in innovative approaches or research spearheaded in this area, and how these insights are integrated into treatment strategies at Casa Privée.

Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson was the head of brain sciences at a major USA University for several years. Additionally, his initial neuropsychiatric training was in child neuropsychiatry where he studied neurocognitive disorders in over 5,000 children who had been seen at a specialized hospital in Britain. This work led to him adding a Master of Philosophy from the University of London  in neurobiological disorders in children to his two doctoral degrees in neuroscience.

5. Your extensive experience and accolades are impressive. Could you share any specific success stories or case studies that highlight the effectiveness of Casa Privée’s treatments? 

An interesting case study that occurred recently was his treatment of a middle-aged lady with Parkinson’s disease. The disease was advanced, her mobility compromised, and she could not stand without falling to one side. Without intervention, the prospect would be that she would have ended up in a wheelchair in a few months.  With intensive treatment using neurodegenerative “smart” cells and products, the patient is now walking, driving, and using the gym.  Whilst the patient is not “cured” of Parkinson’s disease, her quality and way of life has been changed dramatically for the better.

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