4 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Healthcare Virtual Assistant for Your Clinic


As a medical practitioner, handling all the workload of a clinic can be overwhelming. You may have to focus on your patients, handle administrative work, and keep up with other responsibilities to keep the clinic running.

While you may have considered getting a personal assistant, the truth is that it can be expensive to hire someone to work in-house.  

Fortunately, you can hire healthcare virtual assistants for doctors who can help relieve some of these duties at an affordable cost. Read on to discover more about who a healthcare virtual assistant is, and some of the benefits of hiring one. 

Who Is a Healthcare Virtual Assistant?

A healthcare virtual assistant is a remote employee that helps you with tasks such as patient engagement, setting appointments, replying to emails, managing the front office, answering calls, and more. 

Some healthcare VAs can also assist with IT support, manage social media accounts, and handle digital marketing.

Top 4 Reasons To Hire a Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Some of the reasons you should consider hiring a healthcare VA include:

  1. Cost Savings

Hiring a medical VA is one of the best ways to save money. You can decide to pay your assistant based on the clients handled, hourly, or however you see it fit depending on your needs. Working with an in-house assistant means you have to pay a fixed salary and other benefits like health insurance, pension, and more – all of which can be expensive in the long run.

Moreover, you don’t have to incur extra office setup costs like purchasing a computer, installing a phone line, or even a desk. A medical virtual assistant is an affordable and a cost-effective way to run your practice.  

  2. Enhance Doctor-Patient Experience

Working with an experienced virtual assistant allows you to quickly and easily set up patient follow-ups and personal calls for further medical advice. That allows you to pay attention to each patient as someone else works in the background. 

Patients dread an overcrowded environment and may be uncomfortable with too many people in your waiting area. Your VA can help you set up one-on-one conversations remotely for patients who need personal consultation, without the need to have them come to your clinic in person. That leads to improved doctor-patient experience.

  3. Boost Your Productivity

Medical VAs go through extensive training to ensure they can handle day-to-day tasks like answering phone calls, responding to emails, sending out invoices, among other tasks. Furthermore, your VA service is available 24/7 to assist. 

A medical virtual assistant takes care of all the hard background work of running a clinic, which gives you time to focus on service quality and handling patients. You can supercharge your productivity by working with a qualified assistant.

  4. Grow Your Practice

With the COVID-19 pandemic proving to be a challenge in today’s medical practices, you need something to keep you afloat and ensure your practice grows. 

Hiring an experienced medical virtual assistant not only gives you that essential work-life balance, but also reduces time wasted and increases your revenue. The result is that you get to grow your practice while keeping costs down.

Final Thoughts

Working with a healthcare virtual assistant leads to improved patient-doctor communication, boosts your productivity, allows you to save costs, and leads to greater flexibility. With a VA, you have more time to focus and grow your practice.