Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions Expands its Suite of Pain and Wellness Services to Include Behavioral Health


Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions announced its acquisition of Virginia-based Insight Physician Associates, a behavioral health practice group with specific expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional disorders. With more than 37 years of experience in treating complex behavioral conditions, Insight has a 15-person provider team, including 5 psychiatrists. In addition to its clinical expertise, Insight has become an industry leader in providing mental health services through telemedicine. The acquisition expands Anodyne’s suite of pain and wellness services to include behavioral health—reinforcing Anodyne’s commitment to practices that benefit overall patient health and wellness.

The first of its kind to bring functional medicine, physical medicine, regenerative medicine, and traditional medicine under one roof, Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions provides patients with full spectrum pain management while avoiding opioids and surgical procedures. The acquisition of Insight Physician Associates broadens Anodyne’s scope of services—enabling Anodyne to bring behavioral medicine services via telemedicine to Anodyne locations. Anodyne plans to launch a behavioral health telemedicine pilot program in select Anodyne clinics in the first quarter of 2022—with the intention of ultimately offering the in-demand telemedicine service to all Anodyne corporate and franchise locations.

“The vision of this partnership is to strengthen our offering to patients by providing a behavioral health component within our Anodyne clinics via telemedicine. At Anodyne, we strongly believe that mental health is essential to an effective pain and wellness treatment program. We are thrilled to have Insight lead our efforts to begin offering behavioral health services to our fleet of clinics.”