Anthem Inc Has Started A Digital Incubator For Innovative Healthcare Solutions


Anthem Inc, one of the world’s largest healthcare solutions company, is venturing into healthcare innovation through its Anthem Digital Incubator platform.

Earlier this month, Anthem’s Staff Vice President of Digital Care Delivery Kate Merton described the purpose behind the incubator: “This initiative matches Anthem’s knowledge, experiences and resources with innovative and nimble entrepreneurs who share the desire to deliver personalized, proactive and predictive healthcare solutions that help improve a person’s health and wellbeing.”

Merton stated that “This new initiative invites entrepreneurs and recently formed companies into the program and supports these organizations with the development and deployment of their novel solutions for healthcare consumers. Companies that are invited to participate in the program receive: Funding opportunities…Access to Anthem’s Digital Data Sandbox… Mentoring… [and] Path to Market” support.

Anthem is well suited to provide the resources and expertise for innovation. In terms of market share alone, “Anthem serves more than 107 million people, including more than 43 million within its family of health plans.”

Overall, the company’s goal is to promote early entrepreneurs in tackling healthcare’s toughest problems. In a world that has been quickly jolted with the shock of a global pandemic, increased cost pressures, and varying patient-care outcomes in the last decade, more innovation is definitely required.