ARANZ Medicals Silhouette system becomes a national platform for wound telehealth assessments


The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) is establishing ARANZ Medical’s Silhouette solution as a VA national platform, enabling more VA Medical Centers to utilize Silhouette in their wound telehealth programs.

Since 2010, the Silhouette wound imaging, measuring and documentation solution (Please visit for more information) has been deployed in an increasing number of VA facilities.
This new agreement, secured through ARANZ Medical’s distribution partner Iron Bow Technologies, LLC, includes a national server as well as new hardware and software upgrades that will make it easier for both existing and new Silhouette users to securely document and share their patients’ healing data.

Telehealth solutions can provide significant advantages for both patients and providers, including reducing the cost of care, reducing waiting times for patients, and providing improved patient experiences and satisfaction. Silhouette provides such telehealth capabilities for wound and skin care making it easier for patients with mobility restrictions to get the specialized care they need without unnecessary travel and disruptions.

Bruce Davey, ARANZ Medical’s CEO says, “We’re thrilled to have a national server agreement with the VA as it will enable more sites to more effectively employ Silhouette significantly improving care available to veterans with wounds. The Silhouette software and hardware upgrades will provide VA sites with our latest imaging, measuring and documentation functionality.”

ARANZ Medical’s customers in New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, England, and the United States are all utilizing Silhouette as a telehealth solution in their communities.

About ARANZ Medical

ARANZ Medical is a medical device company focused on innovative medical image-capture devices and recording, reporting and analysis software. The company’s solutions are primarily used to document chronic wounds and skin conditions, and are well suited to both clinical trial and clinical practice applications.