atrify, a 1WorldSync Company, Announces New Healthcare Partnerships to Comprehensively Support UDI Submissions


1WorldSync’s Germany subsidiary, atrify, announced today new partnerships with leading healthcare solution partners, p36 and EirMed Ltd, to fully support its customers’ UDI submission programs, including complex EUDAMED and global regulatory use cases. atrify selected each organization for their years of industry experience, established solutions and reputation for successful UDI program implementation.

With these partnerships, atrify will continue to support the publication of medical device data via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and adjacent use cases such as FDA and NHS, while expanding its offerings to all customer verticals via 1WorldSync’s product content orchestration platform, which includes leading product information management (PIM) and e-commerce product content solutions for manufacturers and retailers.

“Successful product data management requires both expertise and execution, and within the UDI regulatory space, EirMed and p36 are the very best,” said Jochen Moll, General Manager of atrify. “We specifically selected EirMed and p36 for their deep industry experience and ability to understand their customers’ unique needs. We are excited for the immense value they will bring to our customers’ UDI data initiatives.”

EirMed will support atrify customers’ EUDAMED data submission and professional services requirements. Founder and CEO Richard Houlihan, formerly of the European Commission, has positioned EirMed and its platform EudaMed+ at the forefront of EUDAMED compliance.

p36, powered by its cloud-based UDI Platform, will support atrify customers with global compliance requirements. With connections to many of the world’s major UDI databases, p36 offers a single solution for end-to-end UDI data governance and data exchange with regulatory authorities.