AUO and NHRI jointly develop smart healthcare system for the elderly


AU Optronics (AUO) has worked with government-sponsored National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) to develop a smart system for healthcare of the elderly.

The system, showcased at at the 2020 Taipei International Care Technology Application exhibition during November 3-5, can automatically create healthcare plans by digitizing professional worksheets and work processes, and is connected with NHRI’s cloud-based long-term care resources platform to record elder people’s health data at different stages to enable big data analysis and realize continuing care, saidAndy Yang, vice president for AUO’s Strategic Investment & New Business Operations.

The system is ready for commercial use, Yang noted, adding that it is currently under trial use by some continuing care providers in Taiwan and three elderly care centers in China. For commercial use, the system will be SaaS (software as a service) on a subscription basis.

AUO also showcased a few smart elderly healthcare solutions using cloud-based health ERP (enterprise resource planning) developed by its subsidiary AUO Care.

The safety guard platform is a solution that features integration of IoT sensors of fall detection, locational positioning, emergency calls and smart mattresses.

Another solution is a health management platform to promote active management by means of exercises, with the platform covering exercise assessment, plans, execution, evaluation and adjustment as well as review of physical fitness and health trends. The platform is intended to nourish the concept of letting the elderly stay healthy by virtues of exercises.