British Invention of the Year, the eFOLDi Scooter, gears up for Rehacare 2018


A British company whose life changing product has been dubbed as a, “fantastic invention and simply brilliant” by Sir Richard Branson is showcasing its innovative eFOLDi Scooter and eFOLDi Power Chair at the leading trade fair for rehabilitation, inclusion and care, Rehacare in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 26th to the 29th September.

SunTech UK Ltd, founded by a father and daughter duo, created the eFOLDi Scooter in a bid to improve convenience, efficiency and quality of life for individuals with limited mobility.

The eFOLDi Scooter is the world’s first compact, lightweight and versatile personal electric vehicle (PeV) and folds easily from a wheeled suitcase shape to a comfortable chair to a mobility scooter – giving freedom and flexibility to its users.

Since SunTech UK Ltd launched the product in 2009 the eFOLDi Scooter has won numerous awards including the British Invention of the Year, the Scottish Edge Enterprise, gold at the 2015 Beijing Invention Competition and a final spot in the Virgin Voom Awards.

SunTech UK Ltd are showcasing their products at Rehacare in a bid to develop their position as a global manufacturer, build relationships with key international distributors and clients and to better understand the needs of their global market through conversations within their evolving industry – rehabilitation.

The eFOLDi is the brain child of inventor Jianmin Wang who “sketched up” the idea from his hospital bed after badly breaking his leg and becoming disabled. The product was born out of the frustrations suffered by Mr Wang, who has over 600 inventions to his name, and his determination not to become housebound. Frustrated with shopping for mobility scooters that were either too heavy, too clunky or too old-fashioned he created a product that incorporated freedom, fashion and fun into the world of mobility scooters.

The founder of SunTech UK Ltd, co-inventor of the eFOLDi Scooter and daughter of Jianmin Wang, Sumi Wang credits her father’s genius and passion for the creation of the eFOLDi Scooter: “Like all the best ideas, it wasn’t supposed to change the world – it was supposed to solve a problem, and it has. Our whole world changed when my father became disabled but he wasn’t about to sit back and accept it. Instead he put his inventing skills into practice and created a product capable of getting him from A to B whilst keeping his freedom intact.

“I myself have also suffered with poor health, four years ago I started suffering from chronic vertigo and had to give up my successful career to undergo two years of hospital visits and a series of painful operations. Both me and my father know how limiting life can be for people with mobility challenges – this is why we are so passionate about helping others in similar situations – the eFOLDi Scooter and eFOLDi Power Chair really can change your life.

“Exhibiting at Rehacare is a great way to get our products out there and in front of the people it can actually help, as well as international distributors. Our research and testing has found that our products particularly help people with limited mobility, do normal, everyday things such as exploring shopping centres and holiday resorts. The fact that our products are lightweight and compact means they can be easily transported and are very efficient to take on holiday.”

Now ten years old, SunTech UK Ltd is receiving praise from across the industry for their pioneering products. Earlier this year they raised nearly £1m from 746 investors through a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, which allowed them to further refine the design of the eFOLDi Scooter to meet the needs of their growing customer base.

They have also developed an eFOLDi Power Chair which folds automatically at the touch of a remote-control button and like the scooter, vastly improves the life of those with limited mobility.

The team behind SunTech UK Ltd are showcasing their innovative products at the number one trade fair for rehabilitation, inclusion and care, Rehacare in Düsseldorf, Germany from the 26th to the 29th September.

SunTech will be exhibiting at the British Pavilion in Hall 5, stand number 5/H28.I.

About SunTech UK Ltd
SunTech UK Ltd is a specialist company that invents, designs and manufactures innovative products, all created to improve convenience, efficiency and quality and enjoyment of life by enabling easy mobility. SunTech UK Ltd’s mission is to build an iconic brand for people with reduced mobility, symbolising freedom, fashion and fun.

SunTech UK Ltd is passionate about the ability of start-ups to realise the UK’s post-Brexit potential. The eFOLDi Scooter is an example of truly global free trade in miniature. The eFOLDi Scooter was developed by Scotland’s high-tech sector and has been backed by British investors. The company was co-founded by father and daughter duo, Jianmin Wang and Sumi Wang.

Jiammin Wang, who invented the eFOLDi has 600 inventions to his name. Before SunTech UK Ltd he worked as a Technical Director for the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe for more than 20 years.

Sumi Wang has worked in a wide range of fields before SunTech UK Ltd, working for organisations including the ICUK programme Queen Mary – University of London, Black & Veatch, COSCO in China and Novozymes/Novo Nordisk in Denmark. To read more about SunTech UK Ltd and their products visit: