Burjeel Hospital launches the first Excelsius- GPS Robot from GLOBUS MEDICAL in MENA region for performing spine surgeries


Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi announced the launch of the first E-GPS Robot from Globus Medical in Middle East. The E-GPS Robot or Excelsius-GPS is used in spine surgeries for accurate screw placements. It is a break-through innovation in spine surgery, developed by, Globus Medical, USA.

Mr. John Sunil, CEO of Burjeel Hospital, said: “We constantly monitor the developments and innovations in the healthcare industry and embrace technologies that help us to serve our guests the better. We are pleased to be the first in the MENA region to launch the ‘Excelsius- GPS Robot’ technology at Burjeel Hospital. This would help our specialist doctors to perform complicated procedures with greater precision. We believe the adoption of the latest robotic technology will help us in delivering superior-quality treatment to our guests.”

The launch was held on 17th August 2020 at Burjeel Hospital with an initial training given to surgeons from the department of Neurosciences on the E-GPS System.

Prof. Amr El Shawarbi, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Medical Director of Neurosciences (VPS) at Burjeel Hospital, said: “The Excelsius-GPS Robot is one of the latest and finest technologies available in the world that helps surgeons do spine surgeries with greater precision and accuracy. The robotic-technique enabled machine reduces the time for the surgery and helps the doctors in delivering better outcomes. Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies have revolutionized health care. The adoption of this technology will enable the specialist doctors at Burjeel Hospital to improve the efficiency of the services being delivered.”

At present, the Excelsius-GPS robotic surgery program is available in more than 100 leading hospitals and institutions world-wide. Remarkably, Burjeel Hospital has pioneered to implement this program in MENA region for the first time. The robot is designed to optimize patient care, reduce operating time and improve accuracy by using both robotics and navigation.

“FourMed has been consistently providing innovative and quality healthcare solutions in the region. We are exhilarated as a channel partner in driving the launch of E-GPS robotic program at Burjeel Hospital. It is a delight to be associated with Globus Medical and Burjeel Hospital, and in continuing our efforts to deliver break-through healthcare technologies.”, said Samer Masri, Managing Director, FourMed.

“The launch of E-GPS Robot in Burjeel Hospital demonstrates our continued commitment to democratize robotics and advanced technologies in hospitals. The newly launched E-GPS robotic program in Burjeel Hospital under the expertise of Prof. Amr El Shawarbi will further strengthen the quality of treatment provided,” said Keswin Suresh, Product Manager, Robotics & Innovations, FourMed.

Atul Sood, Regional Lead, UAE, India & SEA, Imaging Navigation & Robotics, Globus Medical said “We are excited to have the E-GPS robotic program launched with Prof. Amr El Shawarby and Burjeel Hospital. The E-GPS robot will benefit the patient and surgeon equally in achieving better clinical outcomes.”