Cardiva Medical and Advanced Vascular Dynamics enters into an agreement to distribute hemostasis pro


Cardiva Medical, Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with Advanced Vascular Dynamics to distribute several products used for postcatheterization femoral and radial artery hemostasis in the U.S. These products include i) RadAR™, an innovative radial artery compression device, ii) ComfortPress™, an ergonomic hand-held manual compression assist device, iii) ExpressAR™, an external mobile compression device and iv) Celox Vascular™, a chitosan based hemostatic patch.

"We are delighted to offer these unique products to our customers in the US," said John McCurdy, Vice President of Sales. McCurdy continued, "The products complement our Catalyst femoral artery closure system and will enable our customers to take advantage of economical alternatives for femoral and radial artery closure." RadAR, ComfortPress, ExpressAR and Celox Vascular are used in cardiac catheterization labs, interventional radiology departments and intensive care units. "This helps us extend our product lines to more customers and enhance our level of onsite customer service. We are very pleased to work with Cardiva," said Matthew Semler, President of Advanced Vascular Dynamics.