Clearpath Revolutionizes Medical Image Sharing with AI-powered Patient Solution


Clearpath Technologies announced the launch of its patient solution, PatientConnect, which it developed in partnership with leading healthcare facilities.

Before Clearpath, patients had to wait days or weeks after an appointment to receive their medical imaging via CD. With Clearpath, patients receive their files quickly, automatically, and digitally.

Easy Requests, Storage, Sharing & Access Management
Through Clearpath’s web, iOS, and Android apps, Patients can request records and imaging from any provider, receive and store them securely in the cloud, and share them with trusted providers and family members.

AI-powered Patient Experience
Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), built-in patient education translates complex radiology reports into plain English patients can understand.

Interoperability and Digital Workflows
Because Clearpath is integrated with each facility’s EHR, PACS, and other health information systems, providers can validate and release records and images to patients and referring physicians within minutes of a report being completed.

Automation and Clinical Data Exchange Facilitation
Based on a facility’s schedule, Clearpath provides access to records and images automatically, so facilities can replace costly manual fulfillment efforts with an automated digital workflow.

“Clearpath is transformative to both healthcare facilities and patients,” says Kamil Rahme, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. “Many health systems believe they have an image sharing solution in place, but these legacy systems are limited to a single network, don’t integrate records, and carry heavy installs, high operating costs, and manual workflows. Facilities nationwide are installing Clearpath because it integrates with every PACS, top EHRs, other health information systems, works across networks, and is truly automated, which reduces fulfillment times by up to 90%.”

“Our goal is to be a driving force in the digital transformation of medical record and image sharing,” said Lauren Brown, Clearpath’s President. “Despite all the innovation healthcare has seen in the past two decades, medical facilities are largely sharing records the same way they did twenty years ago. As patients ourselves, we are astounded that we still have to receive our MRIs or CTs on a CD that we can’t play – because we don’t have CD players anymore. By empowering patients to receive, store, understand, and share their medical images digitally, our goal is to give patients a clear path to taking control over their healthcare.”