CVS Health Takes Over Medicare Advantage Broker Hella Health


CVS Health has gone on to acquire startup Hella Health, a Medicare Advantage broker, as per one of the LinkedIn handles of the CEO of Hella Health.

This acquisition will go on to add a range of insurance offerings, which Hella has, and, of course, digital capabilities as well for seniors, to the CVC tech platform.

It is worth to note that Hella Health which was founded in 2021, sells insurance by way of a licensed agency and also partners with yet another platform in terms of telephone-enabled shopping. The company goes on to say that it offers thousands of MA plans from insurers like UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Cigna, and CVS. The terms pertaining to the deal haven’t been disclosed yet.

Interestingly, the MA plans, which happen to be the Medicare coverage offered by private insurers, have gone on to become increasingly popular among seniors.

Since the plans have actually gone on to see a massive increase, so have the brokers, and around a third of the beneficiaries opine that they make use of the intermediaries so as to help shop for plans, as per the Commonwealth Fund.

But the MA brokers have also come under quite increased scrutiny coming from regulators on the issues of intermediaries making use of marketing tactics that happen to be predatory, such as advertisements that are kind of misleading, so as to gain some profitable compensation from the insurers.

In April 2023, the Biden Administration went ahead and released a final rule capping how much the MA plans can go on to compensate the brokers. Before the rule, brokers could collect over $1300 from every enrolee each year by way of add-on payments, which happened to be more than the double of the prior compensation limit that was set by the regulators.

Analysts went on to say that the final rule, which was proposed in 2023, can go on to help smaller plans with fewer marketing resources to go on to compete for MA members.

Hella’s website goes on to say that though it happens to receive commission when it comes to selling plans, it does not get the profit from the marketing incentives coming from the insurance carriers.

Although there have been no comments from any of the spokespersons with regards to the acquisition of Hella, the buy goes on to suggest that CVC is indeed interested in throttling its health service unit digital capabilities, which, by the way, sells a range of services to other companies as well as health insurers.

There has been quite a significant turbulence in MA, but despite that, CVS is snapping up Hella. The insurer went on to announce that first quarter earnings results happened to be quite worse in 2024 than what the healthcare giant or even Wall Street analysts anticipated as the company went on to grapple with the high medical use among MA seniors. As a result of this, CVS went on to slash its 2024 guidance. It is worth noting that CVA went on to buy Hella from venture capital firm Cue Ball.