Everything You Need To Know About Root Canal


Do not Fret When You Hear Your Dentist Say That You Need a Root Canal

If this is the first time you are going to undergo a root canal then you are probably filled with dread and there would be a ton of questions reeling through your mind. You are probably thinking about how much it will hurt and how strong you have to be.Fret not, this article will put that worried mind at ease. By reading through this information on the dental procedure your dentist will perform on you, it won’t be scary at all!
What Happens During a Root Canal?
Generally, an anesthetic is given at the beginning of the procedure so you feel no pain at all. The dentist will start by working on getting rid of the infected pulp in your tooth. To be able to do so, they will need to drill a hole for treating an infected tooth and then clean it all out. They will then shape the inside of your tooth and fill it in with the standard material. It is then sealed so there are no further problems that you will face with that tooth.If the filling suffices then no further procedure is needed. If it is not enough then your dentist will recommend a follow-up appointment to add a crown to your tooth. This crown offers further support to the treated tooth. You will be able to chewy easily within a matter of hours after this treatment.
How Long Does Root Canal Therapy Take?
After the preliminary tests which will involve taking x-rays of the damaged tooth sometimes, the dentist will make the decision if a root canal is necessary or if he can salvage the infected tooth with other procedures. A root canal therapy can take a few hours. The only discomfort you could feel during this therapy would be to keep your mouth open. This is however necessary. Dentists provide for a comfortable chair and allow you to lie down in a relaxed position. You can listen to music to divert your mind and help the time pass by quickly.
Does it Hurt?
This is a common question that arises when your dentist advises you to get a root canal done for your infected teeth. To make you feel as comfortable as possible the dentist will definitely give you some local anesthesia. This will make the area where he is operating numb and you won’t feel anything during the procedure.
When Will It Heal Completely?
Though the procedure itself will take only a couple of hours, if you need a further crown then your dentist will advise you to stay away from chewing or biting on hard food items. By doing so before fitting the needed crown, you may risk developing new cracks on the recently treated tooth.The numbness from the local anesthesia will ebb within a few hours after which you may feel slight soreness, sensitivity, or pain. If the pain is overbearing, ask your dentist to recommend the appropriate pain killers to soothe it.Though root canals have a scary bell to them, once you have undergone the procedure and understood how simple it actually is, you will applaud yourself for taking the decision in the first place.