Exercise Options for People with Vulnerable Knees

The knee is an important joint in the body, especially for movement. It will definitely affect any physical activity you do, especially exercising. If you have weak or vulnerable knees, you will not be able to do the same exercise routines as those with strong knees. However, that does not mean that you should be inactive.There will be activities such as running that will simply be too painful for you to do. There are still many options you can explore that you can do even though you have vulnerable knees. The following are exercise options for people with vulnerable knees:


If you have vulnerable knees, the simplest and most basic exercise activity in which you can engage is walking. Walking is a very low impact activity that you can do anywhere as long as you have the time.Walking does not require a tremendous amount of force hence it is gentle on your vulnerable knees. It is also an activity that you engage in everyday hence there will be an element of familiarity.The distance you decide to walk will depend on how vulnerable your knees are. The key is to be uncomfortable but stop if it is too painful. The more you walk, the stronger you get and the longer you can walk every day.


Another great exercise option for those with vulnerable knees is swimming. It is true that swimming works every muscle in your body including your knees. Swimming is another low impact activity that is gentle on the knees. The exercise is derived from moving in water which is a completely unnatural element for humans.Swimming is also fun which makes it likely that you will do it often especially when it is hot outside. Even during winter, you can find a heated indoor pool and get in your exercise for the day. This activity might put some tension in the knees since you need to use your legs to kick. On the other hand, there are many ways to swim that take the pressure off the legs.


Rowing is a great exercise especially for those with weak knees because it is also a low-impact activity. You can develop a significant level of cardio and strength fitness by simply rowing for an hour a day.There are two types of rowing with the first being rowing a vessel in open water which can be quite dangerous. The other type of rowing involves using a rowing machine. It mimics the movement of rowing a vessel in open water but in a safer environment.Rowing, like swimming, works all areas of the body, especially the arms and back. However, you will also work your legs on a rowing machine without the damaging impact of other exercises.


Yoga is a type of exercise that is different from what people do in a gym. It mostly involves stretching and holding various isometric poses. On the other hand, yoga is a great form of exercise for those with weak knees. It involves essentially no high impact activity at all.Yoga like any other exercise requires a substantial level of skill so it will take time for you to become proficient. You can become stronger and more flexible by only doing yoga every day. Yoga has the added benefit of being a great tool for relaxation. A lot of yoga involves deep breathing exercise which is quite relaxing.The art of yoga is gentler on the knees than most forms of exercise if you use a sufficient yoga mat. You should never do yoga on the floor if you have vulnerable knees.

Tai Chi

Another form of exercise, much like yoga, Tai Chi comes from China and is an exercise that is very gentle on the knees. It is a perfect exercise for those with vulnerable knees. Tai Chi involves doing a series of slow movements while following the body’s innate energy. You might have to step in one direction or another but most of the movement has zero impact on the knee.Tai Chi is also a martial art hence you can use it for fitness as well as for combat. There is a great deal of spiritual development done in Tai Chi as well if you are interested. You can do Tai Chi alone or take a group class. You will gain much from it besides protecting your vulnerable knees.There are many exercise options for people with vulnerable knees. The key is to minimize the impact on the knees as much as possible. Walking, yoga, Tai Chi, and swimming are a few examples of the options. Look for any option that is suitable for you.