Flexible Carestream Transportable X-ray System Completes Indiana Hospital’s Conversion to DR


Columbus Regional Health (Columbus, Ind.) has deployed a CARESTREAM DRX-Transportable System/Lite to complete its conversion to DR. The DRX-Transportable System/Lite includes a wireless DRX Plus 3543 detector, wireless access point and tablet PC. It is used in two fluoroscopy rooms and a general exam room that has fixed detectors.

Columbus Regional Health“This portable system allows us to capture overhead and tabletop imaging in two fluoroscopy rooms and perform tabletop imaging in our analog imaging suite. This solution is a fraction of the cost of having tethered workstations in the rooms,” said Bill Algee, the hospital’s Director of Imaging Services.

The DRX-Transportable system is used for single shot radiographs only – not for actual fluoroscopy. This system sends images directly to the PACS to maintain a smooth workflow.

“Carestream detectors can be registered for use with any of our imaging systems, which significantly boosts our productivity and offers additional flexibility,” he adds.

This system equips facilities to convert any room-based or mobile imaging systems to DR through use of a wireless tablet PC and a DRX Plus or DRX Core Detector. The wireless tablet PC displays diagnostic images as they are acquired.

Control from the wireless tablet eliminates the need to interface with a generator and use a cable connection, which delivers exceptional flexibility and saves both time and money. An access point in the detector communicates with the access point in the tablet to create a flexible solution that enhances workflow.

The DRX-Transportable system uses a virtual access point in the DRX detector to manage image capture and display images on the tablet. The tablet PC is self-powered and rechargeable. It has a 12-inch touch screen and weighs just 3.6 pounds.

The hospital began converting to digital radiography several years ago to enhance image quality, boost staff productivity and deliver rapid access to images for physicians. It installed a CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus System (video), CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution X-ray System and retrofitted an existing mobile imaging system and X-ray room with Carestream DRX detectors.