GENETWORx Labs Launches New All-In-One Test that Detects COVID-19/Flu/RSV


TCA/GENETWORx Labs, a leading national provider of COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing, announced that its trusted national testing program is now offering molecular saliva tests for detection of the coronavirus.

According to Genetworx, the new saliva PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) has an accuracy rate greater than 98 percent with results delivered to patients within 48 hours from receipt of sample. The GENETWORx saliva test is a convenient alternative to nasopharyngeal testing for patients because the collection method is easier while still yielding highly accurate results. It is particularly convenient for school districts as children find it less invasive. The saliva test further enhances the TCA/GENETWORx testing platform making it the most comprehensive testing solution currently available for government, businesses, nursing homes, colleges and others to conduct repeat testing programs as they strive to return to work and school.

“With over 6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, repeated or sequential testing with highly accurate diagnostic tests is the only way to identify, control, and track this virus,” said Brian O’Neill, Chairman of TCA/Genetworx.

“Everything we do makes testing easier for the patient, school, employer and government,” he said. “For example, our software enables testing centers to reduce lines from hours to seconds, our app enables customers to receive results in less than 48 hours, and our symptom tracking software enables customers to identify and detect the COVID-19 virus early. Our platform technology makes it easy for businesses to operate an ongoing testing program to keep employees, students and patients safe during the pandemic.”

In partnership with Nucleus, TCA/GENETWORx created the sequential testing and sample management software platform called Aura. By having all patients download the Aura app, TCA/GENETWORx provides organizations, including healthcare providers, universities, government, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other large population organizations a total end to end digital management and medical data system for conducting a sequential testing program. The software benefits all individuals in these organizations by making it easier to get tested in regular repeated intervals in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Aura has reduced wait times at COVID-19 testing centers from six hours to as little as 90 seconds.

The Aura platform provides user-friendly assistance with all facets needed for a comprehensive sequential testing program so organizations can keep workers, patients, and students safe during the pandemic. Aura assists users with finding and scheduling testing including sending reminders, symptom tracking, identification of compliance using QR bar codes, and contact tracing assistance. Aura also expedites laboratory sample turnaround times, reduces laboratory process time, and allows for dashboard compliance reporting and government reporting.

O’Neill further explained that TCA/GENETWORx is building a laboratory capable of conducting hundreds of thousands of tests every day to serve U.S. customers. To meet the demands of the pandemic, one of the fastest results-reporting platforms in the world, designed by the company, allows patients to access test results in GENETWORx’s portal immediately after test results are read within 48 hours from the sample being taken. Patients can also opt to receive results by phone or text.

The new GENETWORX saliva test includes a saliva-collecting funnel with stabilizing liquid. The person taking the test will spit into the funnel. After shaking the capped tube for 5 seconds, the specimen is put into the biohazard bag, then into a shipping box with the return pack.

Genetworx also provides pharmacogenomic DNA genotyping to help provide patients with the right medications, at the right dose, and lower overall healthcare expenditures while delivering the best health outcome. The company is a fully integrated CAP/CLIA certified high complexity molecular diagnostic laboratory.

In 2017, the company was purchased by the national substance use disorder treatment network, Recovery Centers of America. Recovery Centers of America operates eight evidence-based addiction treatment facilities in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Illinois and is expanding to Indianapolis and Pittsburgh to meet the growing need for substance use disorder services.

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