HKSH Medical Group brings precision radiation medicine to cancer patients in Asia with Elekta Unity MR-Linac


Elekta Unity, a transformative magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) system that enables personalized precision radiation therapy, is in clinical use at HKSH Cancer Centre. The milestone marks the first clinical use of Elekta Unity in Asia.

HKSH recently started treating its first patient using Elekta Unity. The patient is receiving treatment for bladder cancer. The initial treatments were delivered within a 23 minute treatment time slot highlighting the excellent efforts of the HKSH team and the optimized clinical workflow of Elekta Unity.

Elekta Unity combines two technologies: a state-of-the-art 1.5T MRI scanner and a best-in-class 7 MV linear accelerator, driven by breakthrough real-time adaptive radiotherapy software. It provides the ability to reshape the dose based on daily changes in shape, size and position of the tumor and surrounding healthy anatomy, as visualized with MRI, and then enables accurate dose delivery with real-time visualization of the tumor.

Elekta Unity is installed at the recently opened HKSH Cancer Centre of HKSH Eastern Medical Centre which offers an array of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. HKSH Eastern Medical Centre is the newest member of HKSH Medical Group, (HKSH) in addition to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and HKSH Healthcare.

“HKSH Medical Group is committed to providing premier, patient-centric technologies that exceed patient and physician expectations,” said Ben Yu, Head, Medical Physics and Research at HKSH. “With Elekta Unity, we can now offer our patients the most advanced approach to radiation therapy, adapting each treatment session in real time to ensure optimum delivery of radiation to the tumor while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. We are proud to be the first center in Asia to offer this transformative therapy and to make precision radiation medicine available to the patients we serve.”

“With Elekta Unity in clinical use in Asia, we are closer to achieving our goal of making cutting-edge, precision radiation medicine available to cancer patients around the world,” said Richard Hausmann, Elekta President and CEO. “Clinical sites in Europe and the U.S. are seeing increased precision, shorter treatment regimens and the ability to target hard-to-treat tumors. We expect the system will be implemented clinically in additional countries and global regions in the months ahead.”

About Elekta
For almost five decades, Elekta has been a leader in precision radiation medicine. Our nearly 4,000 employees worldwide are committed to ensuring everyone in the world with cancer has access to – and benefits from – more precise, personalized radiotherapy treatments. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Elekta is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange. Visit or follow @Elekta on Twitter.

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HKSH Medical Group promotes public health and advanced medicine through a multi-faceted, coordinated approach in clinical services, medical education, scientific research and public health education. Members of the Group, including Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, HKSH Healthcare and HKSH Eastern Medical Centre, are dedicated to offer top-quality holistic care to patients, upholding the motto “Quality in Service, Excellence in Care”.

About HKSH Eastern Medical Centre
HKSH Eastern Medical Centre is the new medical landmark in Hong Kong East, as the newest member of HKSH Medical Group. Other members of the Group include Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and HKSH Healthcare. It houses HKSH Cancer Centre which provides advanced and full range of cancer treatment options, Family Medicine and Primary Care and Health Assessment services.

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HKSH Cancer Centre is the integrated complex for cancer management located at HKSH Eastern Medical Centre with a wide array of world-class high-end diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technologies, providing patient-centric and one-stop cancer treatment services.

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