Hospitals Contact Consumers to Proactively Manage Relationships


Hospital & Healthcare Management / Healthcare News / 12th Oct. 2010 :- Amongst the many priorities spelled out in the healthcare reform law, one is that hospitals will need to find ways to forge closer relationships with patients. One way to accomplish this is by proactively managing care outside of the hospital setting. Hundreds of hospitals nationwide are using Beryl, a technology-focused patient experience services company dedicated to improving relationships between health care providers and consumers, to proactively contact former and potential patients to encourage them to access free screenings, new service offerings and to schedule annual exams.

"Even if concepts like medical homes or accountable care organizations don’t take hold in every market, hospitals are going to be more accountable for the consumers in their marketplaces," said Steve Whitehurst, senior vice president of the patient experience group at Beryl.

He noted that Beryl has seen an 84 percent increase since first quarter last year in hospital use of Beryl’s outbound calling service to contact former patients and potential patients.

The calls fall into one of three categories:

    * New Mover calls — Hospitals are using real estate information to contact households moving into the community to establish a relationship and create dialogue about the hospitals’ services. 
    * Follow-up calls – After collecting some personal data at health fairs, screenings and community classes, the hospitals are connecting with consumers to share information about services the consumers may have an interest in, or additional services that fit the consumers’ demographic. 
    * Targeted Marketing calls — Calls that are integrated into marketing campaigns to reinforce print advertising and direct mail by adding additional touch points to drive conversion.

"Hospitals are looking for ways to expand and extend their patient relationships," asserted Whitehurst.  "Part of managing the patient experience will be creating a trust-based relationship with potential patients, primarily by establishing familiarity through contact that is not part of a health crisis or hospitalization event." 

Beryl has nearly 350 employees who are focused on helping hospitals develop positive platforms for managing the patient experience. 

"We’re a patient experience company," said Whitehurst.  "We help hospitals and patients connect, and facilitate the delivery of information to patients to help them navigate the health care system.  That’s a key element to a positive patient experience."

About The Beryl Companies

The Beryl Companies is comprised of four businesses; two that focus on improving the patient experience in a variety of health care settings, and two that focus on improving workplace culture and values-based business productivity.  The Beryl Companies sees these activities and concepts as intrinsically linked.  The Beryl Companies’ foundational business, Beryl, is a technology-focused patient experience services company dedicated to improving relationships between health care providers and consumers.  Founded in 2006, The Beryl Institute is a research and educational entity that publishes information about improving the patient experience and how that activity links to better financial outcomes for health care providers.  Founded in 2009, The Circle is a training company that helps other businesses enhance employee engagement and develop more positive workplace cultures.  The last firm, The Small Giants Community, is a global organization that brings together leaders who are focused on values-based business principles.

SOURCE The Beryl Companies