How To Properly Handle Getting Bitten By A Dog


It’s not uncommon to be bitten by a dog. A bite can be both painful and frightening, but don’t panic! It’s important to know the correct way of handling the situation if you do get bitten by a dog. There are many things you should do post-bite that will help lessen the chance of infection and even save your arm or leg from being amputated! And what’s even more important, we’ll cover the legal implications of getting bitten by a dog.

When You Need a Lawyer

If you have been bitten in a public place or by someone’s dog, a lawyer will help you get compensated for your injury. If you are in Douglasville, you will want to hire a dog bite lawyer in Douglasville because it’s more convenient to get a local lawyer. After getting treated at the hospital and hiring a lawyer, go online and find out if there were any reports about the dog who bit you. If so, contact the prosecuting attorney in your area to ask them what charges or restitution you can expect to be filing against the owner of said dog.

You may also want to bring this information to your lawyer’s attention so they can take appropriate actions on your behalf when dealing with insurance companies and even potential lawsuits. If you are attacked by a dog, seek medical attention immediately. It is extremely important to get treatment for the bite wound as soon as possible because infections could develop if it’s not taken care of properly. However, don’t let that scare you away from taking the necessary steps that will help prevent infection!

Why a Dog Bit You

A dog can bite for many different reasons. When a dog is put in a situation where they feel pain, shock, or fear, they may resort to biting you. If you are being attacked by an owner’s pit bull and the owner has no control of their own pet, there’s nothing they can do about it short of getting massacred themselves! There are some cases where dogs get old and go crazy (medical reasons), but don’t worry; this is not common at all. If your dog bites someone out of medical reason and the victim sues you for damages, any judge would take into account that the injury was not intentional on your part. It’s more likely that owners who train and raise their pets well will be sued if their dog decides to bite someone else.

Allergies are also common reasons for dogs to give their owners bites. It’s not always the owner’s fault when this happens, either! If your pet is trained well enough and gets startled or in pain (like if they’re having an allergic reaction), they may attack you. So remember, training your pup isn’t just about teaching them manners but how to react in certain situations!

After You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

No matter what type of breed the dog who bit you was, it’s important that you get medical attention immediately after getting hurt. Many infection types can be transferred via a dog bite wound including rabies, tetanus, MRSA, Lyme Disease, and many others. If getting treated isn’t an option for you right away because you need to contact a lawyer, get medical attention as soon as possible.

Examine the Extent of Injury

Make sure you don’t miss any of the puncture wounds. A dog bite can literally do thousands of dollars in damage in just one attack, so you need to be thorough when examining your wound.

Clean the Wound

You must take a shower and clean the wound thoroughly after getting bitten. Dogs have unique bacteria in their mouths that may cause infection if not cleaned out correctly. If you get attacked by a stray or feral dog, make sure to get medical attention immediately afterward! The last thing you want is for the bacteria from a wild animal’s mouth to enter your system and wreak havoc there too. Also, if your arm or leg gets broken due to this injury, see your lawyer right away because they may take you to court and sue for damages! Dogs love to give their owners a scare, but you can take measures after being bitten so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

If you are attacked by any dog, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. But even if you do this, don’t be surprised if the owner of the dog wants to take you to court over the bite wound! That’s why you must hire a dog bite lawyer right away because they know what they’re doing.