How To Smash Your Fitness Goals In 2022


The season of new year’s resolutions is nearly upon us and if you are anything like most of our readers, high on your list of goals will be to get in shape. Hard work and determination is ultimately what it comes down to when it comes to achieving great results, but we’ve put together some tips to help you along the way. Read on to discover how to become leaner, faster, and fitter than ever in 2022.

HIIT The Right Equipment

Cardio is a sure-fire way to blast through fast, especially if it’s done with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This is a technique that involves a short burst of super intense cardio, followed by a slightly longer period of slower, more gentle movement instead of a stationary recovery. The idea is to increase your heart rate and then allow it to lower again to and improve your cardiovascular conditioning, which will in turn give you the ability to train harder for longer.

Using cardio-based equipment can help propel this further. Why not try 30 seconds of flat-out, high-speed running on a treadmill followed by 1 minute and 30 seconds of brisk walking? Repeat this pattern until exhaustion and you’ll see and feel the results much faster than jogging for hours on end. If running isn’t your thing, give a rowing machine a go. This Nordictrack rw200 rower review by TopFitnessMag explains all of the whole-body benefits of a great bit of gym kit.

Invest In Wearable Tech

A fitness tracker or smartwatch is an excellent way of tracking your movement and calories burnt. Opt for a version that has a heart rate monitor so you can track your workouts more efficiently and accurately. They can also monitor your sleep – a big factor when it comes to fitness, energy levels and weight loss.

Grab A Buddy

Working out alone can be fun, but having a gym buddy is even better, plus it holds you accountable. Don’t feel like waking up at 6 am to head out in the cold January weather for a workout sesh? You’re far more likely to make it if you know you have someone else waiting for you.

Keep A Log

We all know journaling is great for our mental wellbeing but it can go hand in hand with our physical wellbeing too. Make a note of each workout you do, how many reps, sets, and the duration of your workout. This will help you have an understanding of what you’re doing and how effective your moves are. Also, jot down what felt good and what was a struggle and include photos. Then when you’re losing motivation in the future you can look back and see how far you’ve come and how much fitter, stronger, and faster you have become.

Sort Your Diet

This may seem obvious but maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is the key to hitting your goals. Did you know that your results are made up of only 20% exercise and 80% diet? Food is fuel so what you’re putting into your body affects its performance. You wouldn’t run your dream car on old dirty oil, so filling your body with greasy junk food will keep you away from peak physical performance and will ultimately sabotage your goals.

Waist trainer

The best waist trainer for weight loss is an innovative approach to losing weight. It has been designed as a form of body armor, which reduces the amount that you eat by making it difficult for food particles think their way through your digestive system and into unwanted places.
If you are thinking about using a waist trainer, consult with your doctor first. The use of this garment can be habit forming and may not work for everyone due to personal differences in body size or shape.

Are reaching for your goals in 2022, let us know in the comments!