HP Enterprise Services signs seven-year agreement with NASCO


HP Enterprise Services announced it has signed a seven-year agreement with Atlanta-based National Account Service Company LLC (NASCO) to enable the health insurance claims processor to expand its membership while lowering costs.

Under the agreement, HP (NYSE:HPQ) will enhance and maintain NASCO’s custom version of MetaVance, HP’s fully integrated enterprise system that enables healthcare organizations to administer program benefits. MetaVance offers NASCO a more flexible membership and billing solution with faster time to market for innovative new products and services that support its growing membership.

"With more than 11 million members and double-digit membership growth expected over the next two years, we require an even more nimble system to accommodate and respond to our members’ changing needs," said John Ladaga, chief executive officer, NASCO. "With MetaVance as the foundation of our membership and billing solution, we will have a scalable, robust system that will enable us to better serve our members and keep us a leader in our industry."

HP will provide applications development and management services for NASCO’s MetaVance system, improving the applications’ performance, quality and reliability, and offering service levels linked to key business performance indicators.

Services will be provided in the United States and India using the HP Best Shore model. This offers NASCO flexible and rapidly scalable service delivery using automated, standardized processes to lower software maintenance costs.

"The healthcare industry is undergoing fundamental changes and the need to adapt quickly is the key to success," said Sean Kenny, senior vice president, Worldwide Applications and Business Process Outsourcing, HP Enterprise Services. "HP will continue to work with NASCO to create a MetaVance solution that meets their needs as the industry evolves and their business grows."

MetaVance is HP’s financial and administration application that supports consumer-directed health plans, medical management and claims processing. It helps healthcare organizations administer health insurance products such as HMO, PPO, CDHP, indemnity and hybrid managed care programs. MetaVance also enables health plan providers to meet key transformation goals that improve collaboration, information sharing and responsibility, wellness and prevention promotion, efficiency, and self-service capabilities for consumers and providers.

NASCO was an early adopter of the MetaVance product for their membership and billing needs and this new agreement extends the relationship and will be based on the MetaVance 2.10 product release, which enables HIPAA 5010 compliance and supports ICD-10 remediation. MetaVance 2.10 also improves premium and administrative services-only billing, while providing better receivables management functionality and efficiency.

HP Enterprise Services founded the healthcare IT services industry more than 40 years ago. Today, HP touches more than 200 million lives daily and each year performs 2.4 billion healthcare transactions, including 1 billion healthcare claims. HP’s global healthcare experience spans payer, provider, government and life science communities.