ICON.AI Launches World’s First Smart Healthcare Device to Protect Your Health at CES 2021


Wearable devices that track body vitals and smart speakers with display have been the most popular categories in consumer technology. ICON.AI, the South Korean headquartered company, has blended the two and has come up with a 2-in-One Smart Healthcare device. Unveiled during CES 2021, the 2-in-One Smart Healthcare Device comprises a Smart Display Speaker with Alexa Built-in & a Detachable Health Tracker.

The Smart Display Speaker includes an LCD Touchscreen, 5W Speaker with High Bass, Bluetooth and WiFi. On the top houses a detachable health tracker that one can carry in a pocket. While the Smart Display Speaker can tell you the weather, search YouTube, read Kindle books, and more, the detachable tracker claims to provide accurate and reliable pre-screening health data to identify physiological abnormalities. It takes comprehensive readings from fingertips to track heart rate information, blood pressure trends, peripheral oxygen saturation levels and more, all in nearly 60 seconds. It features instant connectivity that immediately alerts the hospital and family members once it perceives a medical emergency. Fully integrated within the Smart Healthcare Device, the Critical Monitoring Features and Built-in memory allow sending the health information to Smartphone & Tablet, to be shared with family and doctor for early diagnosis. The health reports are recorded on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, which can act as supplementary information for medical testing.

ICON.AI also showcased upgraded Zmirror, a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. The smart mirror with Amazon Alexa features Harman Kardon sound, smart display, mood lamp and skin analysis.

ICON.AI is a software-led hardware company that aims to deliver AI-enabled products to every market around the world. It is an Amazon-approved System Integrator for Alexa Voice Service as well. With solutions that are qualified by Amazon, ICON.AI provides a professional and innovative technology development team focused on Screen-based Devices for Amazon Alexa such as Smart Display Speakers, Smart Mirror, and Smart Home Devices. It also supplies reliable, customised hardware and software solutions for AVS (Alexa Voice Service) development and certification needs.