Important Signs You Need To Get Your Eyes Checked


Our body needs regular maintenance and check-ups because our organs might deteriorate with time. So, catching the decline in bodily functions early on can make our situation better by avoiding intrusive measures and surgeries. Since our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs, we should take more care of them. If you don’t go to your scheduled eye appointments, here are some signs that indicate the urgency of visiting an ophthalmologist.

Itchy and Red Eyes

The most common symptoms that people complain of are itchiness and redness of the eye. Others may suffer from a burning sensation and watery discharge that look like tears. These may indicate that you have eye allergies from outdoor allergens like pollen or indoor ones like pets’ hair, perfume, or smoke. According to the severity of the case, the doctor will prescribe you different eye drops and the duration of usage will vary. The important thing is to avoid taking over-the-counter medications without consulting a specialist because they may cause more damage to your eyes.

Decreased Vision

The image that the healthy eyes receive should be clear and devoid of any weird lights, spots, or black streaks. If you notice that your vision is deteriorating in terms of being unable to see far away or too near objects, you may need to wear glasses or change the lens. Sometimes the reason behind that is excessive dryness, which happens when your eyes fail to produce sufficient tears. It is an urgent case because if left untreated, it may predispose to persistent eye infections.

Another serious cause of decreased vision is glaucoma, which destroys the optical nerve by building up fluids and applying pressure on it. It may also cause blind spots, blurry vision, and redness. Loss of eyesight may result from neglecting this condition, and that’s why ophthalmologists at Eye Care in Abilene, TX stress the importance of detecting it in its early stage. The treatment may involve eye drops, surgical correction, intervention by laser, or a combination of them. Even if the discrepancies in vision take place for a couple of days only, it is better to be safe by visiting the doctor than sorry.

Peripheral Vision Disturbed

Peripheral eye vision is crucial as it allows you to see flickers coming from the side, especially while driving. If it gets disturbed by being blocked, it may be life-threatening as you won’t see the vehicles passing beside you while you make a turn. It is one of the most common signs of retinal detachment that can happen as you age or as a result of an eye injury or infection. If you experience floaters, blurry vision, or white patches, these may also indicate that the retina is receding from its position.

Double Vision

Double vision is an irritating problem that may be the result of eye astigmatism. This results from the inability of the eye to focus the light evenly on the retina. People either wear glasses or if their eyes are stable, they may go for corrective eye surgeries. Other causes of double vision may be cataracts or weakness in the muscles controlling the eye movement.

Daily Headaches

Most people experience headaches, however, if you get daily or frequent headaches that are starting to prevent you from functioning well, you should see a doctor. It could be a sign that your eyes are failing to focus, so the muscles overcompensate by contracting more, which results in headaches.

If you work too much on your computer or stare at a screen all day long in dim light, headaches may occur. You should take a break every twenty minutes to rest your eyes and remember to blink to avoid eye dryness as well. If the headaches persist, it is better to visit a doctor to get a prescription.

Night Sight Problems

Sometimes you may see and drive well in the morning or when the lights are well-lit in the streets. However, as the sun goes down, you experience vision issues and are forced to concentrate more than usual. Night blindness may be the reason behind being uncomfortable driving at night. It is common in older adults, and it may be one of the early signs of cataracts.

Vision is one of the most important senses and neglecting any eye problem may lead to eyesight deterioration. Loss of vision is not an easy feat, and that’s why we should go for our regular check-ups or at least pay attention to any symptom indicating an issue. The above signs will alert you that it is time to pay a visit to your ophthalmologist.