InsuRights to Leverage TALON Technology as They Build AI-based Healthcare Platform


TALON , a disruptive technology company helping corporations across America optimize their health plans and comply with the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act, has announced they have been chosen by Tel Aviv and New York City-based InsuRights to provide critical pricing and utilization data as InsuRights builds its new, worldwide AI-based healthcare platform.

InsuRights ( is an artificial intelligence-powered digital platform that will effectively become an organization’s Chief Health Officer. It provides employees with immediate answers to their health coverage and benefits questions, assists them with finding lower-cost providers and lets them know about relevant preventive healthcare benefits that can help them be healthier.

“Our mission is nothing short of making employees healthier, happier and more productive by helping them access, utilize, and understand their health benefits,” said InsuRights’ founders. “With InsuRights, employees and employers, including human resources professionals, will no longer need to call a call center to understand their medical benefits, and for the first time, will have unprecedented insight into which healthcare benefits employees value or would value, which are working to improve their lives and which are superfluous or ineffective.”

Mark Galvin, Founder and CEO of TALON, stated, “Our team at TALON has massive and constantly increasing access to health care pricing, utilization and preference across the broadest imaginable range of health care providers, procedures and consumers. We are using this data to help 5,500 employer groups in 49 states across America make smart decisions about deploying the most innovative healthcare resources available, at the highest quality and most affordable prices. We could not be more pleased to have our technology play a part as InsuRights pursues their bold and promising mission.”

InsuRights and TALON share the vision that healthcare consumers and the companies that employ them must be more informed than ever and more empowered than ever, in order to make better choices than ever about where to spend healthcare dollars—making true market forces operate in the healthcare system as never before.


Driven by two principles—Radical Transparency and Healthcare Consumerism—TALON was founded to repair America’s profoundly dysfunctional health insurance market. Through its proprietary set of innovative tools and services, Talon introduces free market dynamics into the fractured healthcare marketplace, drastically reducing wasteful spending.