Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health Complete Merger


Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health, two leading nonprofit healthcare organizations, have completed their merger, creating a model health system that provides high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare to more patients and communities in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Kansas.

Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health together create a model system to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare. This combination employs more than 59,000 caregivers, operates 33 hospitals (including one virtual hospital), and runs 385 clinics across seven states while providing health insurance to one million people in Utah and Idaho.

With the close of this merger, Intermountain Healthcare is the eleventh largest nonprofit health system in the United States.

Mike Leavitt will serve as the new Board Chair for the combined organization. In previous roles, he served in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Secretary of Health and Human Services and as a three-time elected governor of Utah.

The Board includes representation from the pre-merger boards of both Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health. The most recent Intermountain Healthcare Board Chair, Gail Miller, and most recent SCL Health Board Chair, Michael L. Fordyce, will continue as members of the combined board.

Fordyce will serve as Board Vice-Chair of the Intermountain Healthcare Board and as Board Chair of the Intermountain region board based in Broomfield, Colorado, and Miller will serve as Board Chair of the new region board based in Salt Lake City.

The new organization, named Intermountain Healthcare, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, with regional offices in Broomfield, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Intermountain Healthcare President and CEO Marc Harrison, MD, is confident about this united effort.

“With this merger, we’ll create a model for the future of healthcare that focuses on keeping people healthy and proactively addresses causes of illness through high-quality, affordable, and accessible care to more patients,” Dr. Harrison said. “The merger provides a model for healthcare for the rest of the country.”

Dr. Harrison leads the new organization. Lydia Jumonville, as the Executive Sponsor, will lead the integration of the two systems and work in partnership with Dr. Harrison and serve as a member of the new Intermountain Board.

In addition to the newly integrated Board of Trustees, the enterprise leadership team has been selected from both systems as the dynamic integration process is now moving forward.

“We’re pleased with how our organizations have come together,” said Jumonville. “Our work is well underway, and we are being very thoughtful about moving the best of our systems forward to continue providing the highest quality of care in the communities we serve. We will advance our mission and better serve the entire region together.”

SCL Health’s Catholic hospitals retain their distinctive Catholic names and continue to operate according to existing practices.