Kaohsiung Medical University Funds Taiwan Smart Hospital


The large-scale smart hospital facility will be built in Taoyuan Aerotropolis and the construction will be divided into two phases with completion in 2028.

The National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan has gone ahead and inked a BOT hospital contract with Kaohsiung Medical University, which is privately owned. W. John Kao, the President of NTHU, and Yi-chen Wang, KMU’s Director, have signed the contract.

It is well to be noted that KMU is going to invest more than NT$10 billion in order to come up with a large-scale smart hospital facility in the area of Taoyuan Aerotropolis. Apparently, the construction, as far as the first phase is concerned, will begin in 2024 and will have a total of 515 beds. The first phase of the project is anticipated to be completed by 2028.

Notably, the land for NTHU Taoyuan Medical and Educational R & D Park that was allotted by the Taoyuan City Government goes on to cover an area as big as 7.2 hectares. Interestingly, 5 hectares of it have been reserved for the medical park, which will contain 329 general beds as well as 186 special beds, thereby resulting in 515 beds when it comes to the first phase. Significantly, the number of beds in the future will see a surge to 910, therefore making it a teaching hospital at the medical centre level.

The left over 2.2 hectares have been allotted for the educational research and development park. In the first phase, KMU is going to come up with laboratories, classrooms, as well as dormitories when it comes to healthcare and medical students. As far as the second phase is concerned, the NTHU is going to be raising funds independently so as to come up with a medical incubation centre as well as a research centre.

It is well worth noting that NTHU Hospital is going to incorporate 39 medical sub-specialties, which will include internal medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics, gynaecology, surgery, and certain other medical disciplines.