Kenya Eyes Biometric-Led Kids Vaccination Management System


Nagasaki University, Japan, Kenya Medical Research Institute- KEMRI, and NEC have created a digitally inclined biometric-based vaccination management system, especially for the newborn children in Kenya. There is a clinical trial being conducted through KEMRI since September 2022 to validate the system, and notably, the initial results that have come out look very encouraging.

The digital systems are being provided by NEC, which happens to be a stalwart in the integration of IT as well as network technologies, and on the other hand, KEMRI, which is one of Africa’s leading research institutions, will seamlessly and effectively manage the vaccination history as well as the scheduling by making use of fingerprint identification when it comes to newborn kids and also voice recognition for the caregivers.

This tech is perhaps the first time that biometric identification is being used in a hospital setting to identify newborns not only at the time of vaccination but also those right after delivery. As per the data from last November, more than 300 carers as well as newborn kids are registered, and this information also includes the history of vaccination in more than 150 newborn kids.

This novel technology tags fingerprint identification for kids as well as voice recognition for the carers so as to confirm not just their identity but also keep track of the vaccination histories and schedules, thereby ensuring that the first 24 months in the life of the newborns have everything that’s appropriate and as per the plan.

With this having a positive impact, there will be demonstration tests that will network multiple hospitals, starting with an aim for a full-scale deployment across Kenya by 2023 end. There are plans for other international deployments as well in the near future.