Kineon Introduces Move Plus Designed To Reduce Knee Pain


Kineon introduced a red-light therapy device that uses LED and medical-grade laser technology, that supports the near-complete recovery of damaged blood vessels and cartilage, reduces inflammation and decreases joint pain and strengthens the body’s own unique healing process for faster rehabilitation.

The Move + is a next-generation red light therapy device that uses both LED lights and medical-grade laser technology, to optimize full recovery. For any struggles with joint pain, this device can help with quicker recovery while also restoring damaged tissue. Move+ offers targeted relief to knee pain, helping to reduce inflammation and ease the pain. The Kineon Move+ was designed to solve all of those problems: the wearable device wraps comfortably around your arm or leg, emits laser NIR into internal tissue (which penetrates more effectively than only LED light), and by using three separate laser modules simultaneously internal tissue is treated even more effectively, delivering exactly the right dose with sniper-like accuracy. Better yet, The Move+ uses next-generation Dual-Light Therapy technology, delivering its red light through both medical-grade lasers and LEDs. And this is more effective at reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow, and supporting the near-complete recovery of damaged blood vessels and cartilage.

There are many red-light therapy devices; most commercial ones are ineffective. With light therapy, dosing is as important, or even more so, than pharmaceuticals. Most light therapy products are not designed based on optimal dosing for internal tissue where inflamed, painful tissue needs to be treated. Light therapy panels are comparable to shaking a pill bottle in front of your face and hoping what falls in is the correct dosage. Often, they don’t even deliver the right dosage of red/NIR light, which leads to less-than-optimal results.

These benefits have been validated by a series of clinical studies, including hundreds of human trials. Clinical studies show just how effectively light therapy reduces pain and inflammation. According to Kineon’s Chief Science Officer, Evan Peikon observation, a single 5-minute Move+ session, improved blood flow and vascular health in the treated tissue. Suffering from bone and knee pain is not easy, but the MOVE+ & Science of Light Therapy has put an end to this pain.