Konica Minolta Debuts Next-generation Ultrasound System, the SONIMAGE HS2


Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. introduced the next-generation, compact ultrasound system, SONIMAGE HS2, featuring advanced image clarity and innovative functionality optimized for point-of-care environments. Building on the company’s advanced ultrasound technology, the HS2 System delivers superior image quality and simplified operation to help clinicians address an array of clinical applications in musculoskeletal, vascular, pain management, interventional and orthobiologics.

“Ultrasound is an invaluable bedside tool that delivers a dynamic evaluation of the anatomy, benefitting the patient and the provider,” says Joan Toth, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta Healthcare. “With the SONIMAGE HS2, clinicians have real-time information to make better decisions sooner, streamline care and enhance patient satisfaction. Clinicians can keep more procedures in-house and expand their services to include more complex interventions safely and efficiently. The SONIMAGE HS2 was designed for ease of use, enabling providers to do more at the point of care quickly and confidently.”

The new SONIMAGE HS2 provides enhanced needle guidance, superior image quality, high-resolution blood flow imaging and an intuitive, wide view touchscreen monitor. Konica Minolta’s Dual Sonic technology utilizes a unique algorithm that transmits two waveforms depending on the focal length, providing the clarity and high signal needed for deep tissue imaging. Improved Tissue Harmonics technology suppresses acoustic noise and increases both frequency and sensitivity for deep tissue and superficial imaging. When coupled with the company’s wide bandwidth L18-4 probe, users achieve exceptional image quality with improved fine details and contrast resolution for precision in diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Additional enhancements include higher resolution and faster frame rates, enabling more clear visualization of small vessels and slow blood flow. Simple Needle Visualization, or SNV, software is optimized for confident needle guidance.

Simplifying operation is Konica Minolta’s touchscreen display that now includes the ability to annotate and draw lines, notes or figures with a finger and save them for documentation and reporting. Pre-set focused exams minimize the learning curve and facilitate ease-of-use. The touchscreen display can be configured to full screen for ease of viewing, especially during interventions.