Konica Minolta Healthcare Transforms the Future of X-ray in Latin America


Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announced the introduction of the company’s acclaimed KDR® Primary U-arm Digital Radiography (DR) and mKDR Xpress™ Mobile X-ray systems in select Latin America countries.* Chosen by numerous healthcare facilities throughout North America, the KDR Primary and mKDR Xpress will complement Konica Minolta’s existing portfolio of CR systems, DR retrofit solutions and PACS throughout the region. Additionally, both systems are designed for future integration of Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR), Konica Minolta’s evolution in radiography that enables clinicians to observe anatomical motion over time, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and providing clinicians with a way to visualize anatomy like never before.

“As a leading provider of DR systems in North America, Konica Minolta is pleased to bring our advanced DR systems to Latin America,” says Bruce Ashby, Vice President of Sales for DR Solutions at Konica Minolta Healthcare. “Our solutions are backed by exceptional sales, service and applications teams who are dedicated to assuring our customers’ success. Introducing the KDR Primary U-arm and the mKDR Xpress are just the first steps toward bringing some of the most innovative imaging solutions available today to the Latin American region.”

The KDR Primary system is a cost-effective solution to facilitate the transition from film or CR to DR and improve the quality of care by streamlining workflows and improving clinical productivity. It is an advanced digital X-ray system with a small footprint, making it ideal for nearly any clinical site – hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, orthopedics and general practices – to provide high-quality, general radiography services in exams rooms with less space. A full range of motion enables all imaging views with the KDR Primary system, making it a versatile imaging solution for patients who are standing, sitting, laying down or in a wheelchair. It includes an integral 17” x 17” detector that captures high-resolution digital images in seconds.

The mKDR Xpress delivers exceptional imaging performance in a small footprint at the bedside or in the ER, OR, CCU or ICU. With a slim design and collapsible column to facilitate its use in tight spaces, the mKDR Xpress can be more easily moved wherever it’s needed. On-board charging for two detectors and front and back storage for detectors and accessories help technologists meet the most demanding mobile X-ray imaging needs. An industry-unique, tube-mounted graphical user interface and image preview function help ensure clear images are visible quickly, improving efficiency when time matters.

“Digitizing radiography delivers numerous benefits to the provider and the patient, including faster workflow for shorter exam times and the ability to capture higher quality images with a lower dose,” says Ernesto Marquez, VP & General Manager, Latin America Region for Konica Minolta. “After our initial launch in Mexico, we will introduce the KDR Primary and mKDR Xpress to other markets and countries pending regulatory approvals. We look forward to helping our customers in Latin America realize the benefit of digital technologies and will continue to deliver the service and support that healthcare organizations need throughout their transformation to a digital imaging environment.”

*The KDR Primary and mKDR Xpress are cleared for commercial use in several Latin America countries and pending clearance in others.