Lutronic Introduces Intelligent Care in Muscle Stimulation with IntelliSTIM – A Third Generation Body Sculpting Device


Lutronic, a global leader in creating intelligent, energy-based systems for medical aesthetics, has unveiled Accufit, their exceptional new device for targeted muscle activation. Accufit takes muscle activation to strengthen and sculpt muscle in the abdomen, obliques, and buttocks – to new levels with innovative technology. In effect, this makes Accufit both the first of its kind and best in class, with exceptional and unique results in the muscle-sculpting space.

“Accufit is more than an improvement on existing muscle activation devices, it’s a complete reimagining of what’s possible,” James Bartholomeusz, Lutronic’s Chief Technology Officer, explains. “We based Accufit on intensive research into the unique and complex ways we build muscle. When you weight train, you strengthen and lengthen; you load up with weight to increase muscle fibers. You build bulk, but you also sculpt and refine both smaller and larger muscle groups. In the process, you also need to relax and release any muscle tension. Accufit replicates the entire process. It doesn’t just contract muscles repetitively like earlier devices still on the market do.”

The key to Accufit’s success is its unique design and functions. Eight IntelliSTIM™ electrodes designed to distribute energy and generate incredibly strong muscular contractions on any area needed to be treated without pain or skin sensitivity. Accufit’s IntelliPhase™ waveforms produce four unique muscle movements – Twist, Hold, Grip, and Tap – replicating the different muscle building actions a weight trainer would use. An automated treatment cycle, IntelliCycle™, repetitively works the selected muscle groups treating them based on the shape and size. There is no need to move or reposition these electrodes for the system to cycle through the four movements. And Accufit treatments are fully customizable to help patients achieve their personal goals.

“I chose the Lutronic Accufit body sculpting system as it offers area-specific muscle activation waveforms that are designed to optimize effects in the targeted muscle groups. I can select a treatment mode that focuses on a specific muscle group that addresses the concerns of my patients. I can also set the system to the IntelliCycle treatment which is like a ‘set it and forget it’ mode that cycles through a comprehensive ‘muscle workout’ program without the need to move electrodes to different locations. Accufit comfortably works muscle groups in numerous positions for optimum results in body sculpting,” says, Melda Isaac, MD, Founder, MI Skin Dermatology Center, Washington, DC.

“Aesthetic clinicians and consumers are benefitting from early devices introduced in the past 18 months, despite their limitations,” said Jina Kim, VP of Marketing at Lutronic. “The Accufit system is a true 3rd generation approach, including, proprietary and meaningful technologies that enable more comprehensive, multi-faceted treatments for improved patients’ physical appearance and treatment experience.”

“We’ve had an excellent response to Accufit from every perspective – the technology, the usability and treatment results,” says Jonathan Baker, Director of Business Development. “I have experience with 1st and 2nd generation devices which always had limitations like limited range of motion. With Accufit, people feel like they’re doing the workout themselves even though their muscles are activated synthetically. The Accufit is truly impressive and our customers are thrilled with patient outcomes and that is what really excites me. Physicians and their technicians appreciate Accufit’s built-in intelligence and ease of use.”

Typically, muscle activation clients have been under BMI 25 and exercise with some regularity. But Accufit’s exceptional results, clearly noticeable in before and after photos, broaden the potential client base. “Because we are creating a comprehensive experience as one might have with a personal trainer, we think Accufit is also perfect for people who are beginning their fitness journey and want a kickstart, Bartholomeusz asserts. Women post pregnancy, people starting a diet, anyone without core strength will feel the results of Accufit. It would take three months of regular highly focused fitness program to achieve what we have seen with Accufit in as little as four sessions treated over two weeks.”

Effective. Innovative. Intuitive. Dependable. These four core tenants fuel Lutronic’s development of intelligent laser and energy-based systems. Lutronic’s robust products include proprietary features to optimize care in aesthetic, ophthalmic, spinal, and surgical procedures. Committed to this mission, Lutronic partners with key opinion leaders to advance the science and efficacy of Lutronic’s systems. To develop unrivaled platforms with “smart” features, Lutronic devotes as much as four times what competitors invest in research and development, resulting in more than 535 patents and patent applications worldwide.

In addition to operations and manufacturing in the Boston area, Lutronic has a significant manufacturing and research center in South Korea, offices in Germany, China, and Japan, and a worldwide network of ever-expanding direct sales teams and distributors.