MEDecision Introduces Healthcare management Technology InFrame™


MEDecision, Inc., a leading provider of collaborative healthcare management solutions, introduced the next generation of its healthcare management technology with the launch of InFrame™, a collaborative health information exchange (HIE) service that enables care delivery organizations to share clinical data, including diagnostic-quality medical images, among themselves and with patients to more effectively drive business and comply with meaningful use criteria.

InFrame is designed around MEDecision’s patient-aware health management philosophy, which emphasizes providing stakeholders with mutual access to actionable, real-time information from throughout the healthcare ecosystem. InFrame enables care delivery organizations to leverage HIE to enhance revenues, extend brand and better manage operational costs by exchanging clinical data in real time with referring physicians and patients themselves. The solution’s name derives from its ability to gather information from diverse clinical sources into a frame of reference, in which providers and patients can more completely visualize medical history and results, and efficiently focus on actions that will enhance outcomes.

“For more than two decades, MEDecision has actively advocated interoperability as our best means for improving healthcare, and InFrame is the latest result of that belief,” said Scott A. Storrer, president and CEO at MEDecision. “This is a solution that eliminates the hurdles to health information exchange and enables partners to more seamlessly communicate and collaborate around shared patients. It is a very exciting foray into the provider space for us as we build on our foundational strengths and bring our collaborative healthcare management leadership to new and diverse arenas.”

“InFrame is the most comprehensive and flexible health information exchange platform currently available,” said Elliot Menschik, M.D., Ph.D., senior vice president of provider markets at MEDecision. “It is an extensible, long-term solution that will enable provider organizations to not only comply with, but to capitalize on, the industry’s shift to increased interoperability and collaboration. InFrame takes the notion of improving patient care and streamlining operational efficiencies to an entirely new dimension.”

About MEDecision

MEDecision offers collaborative healthcare management solutions that provide a simple and smart way for payers and providers to harness the power of knowledge to enable the best clinical decisions and improve health outcomes. Designed around a patient-aware health management philosophy, MEDecision’s solutions include Alineo®, a collaborative healthcare management platform for delivering outcome-driven case, disease and utilization management, Nexalign®, a collaborative healthcare decision support service that fosters better payer-patient-physician interactions and InFrame™, a collaborative health information exchange service that connects care delivery organizations with one another and their patients.

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